Extract Vis from cheap poker chips

What would you shell out for a set of these?

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I'm putting together a set of these for my group, and I thought I'd float the idea here to see if there is any further interest in this sort of thing.

Simply put, I'm designing stickers with the different Hermetic Arts on them, and these stickers can then be put on cheapo plastic poker chips. Players could then hold on to the Vis that thier characters have, and Vis held by the covenant can be kept in a common pile. There is also a Confidence chip that players can cash in when they use confidence. I've sourced out a distributor for the blank sticker sheets and they have 48 stickers per sheet, so a set of 7 sheets would provide 21 stickers for each Art, and 21 Confidence stickers. Here is a work in progress that gives you the idea:

If there is a demand for this, I can print up a batch and sell them through mail order. So the question is:
Is there a demand, and what would seem a fair price for a set of these?

This would all hinge on permission from Atlas of course, and I hope that post doesn't offend anyone with its less than subtle capitalistic bent.

Sorry, don't use chips. For anything. And we meet or use vis too rarely for it to be useful anyways.


Maybe I'd buy one set for the collection, but I'd need too many of these for them to be practical in play.

The standard package of poker chips you get at the dollar store come in white, blue and red. You can just set the 'denomination' as needed, so white chips are 1 pawn, blue chips are 2 pawns , and red are 4 pawns. Whatever works for your saga. The stickers fit nicely into the center of the chip, leaving the colour of the plastic exposed around the outside.

I could also just include more sheets if people think 21/Art is too few.

How much for stickers?

Maybe $5. Maybe.

Well, I like the idea and have always loved games that give a player something physical to dramitacally throw on the table, a la Deadlands. Plus it gives me ideas for dream and faerie vis.


If I were to use tokens of some kind I would go for tokens with more of a feel - like small stones etc. Such can often be found in natures own most peculiar colours and shapes bought from many shops or museums.

Same as Furion, I've seen used small glass counters of different colours, also used for magic the gathering games etc. so not as specialized and much more useful in the long run. Sorry

You might want to consider the usual units for Vis : pawn (1), rook (10), queen (100).

It would make sense, but those red chips will only collect dust in our game. Our covenant is only beginning to look like a healthy Spring, so a rook of Vis would still be pretty hard to come by.

Setting the 'denominations' low just allows the ability to create more numeric combinations with fewer chips.

I would like to thank everyone that has commented or voted (not to say the matter is concluded). What I will likely do is finish the work on the graphics, order a small batch of the stickers (the smallest batch is 100 sheets), and print off as many as people want for $1.50 / sheet. I suppose PayPal is as easy a method as any other, when it comes to payment.

I'll also make the graphic file available as a free PDF so anyone could print them on their own if they choose. Having made a similar set of these as a gift once, I can testify to the time consuming pain of cutting out 120 round shapes, but I like the power of choice.