Extradimensional Spaces

Yeah, disregard the idea I put forth. There is a spell in RoPD (page 94) that actually allows for the creation of regios.

Never mind me; I'm just here for cake!

Thinking of the intervention guideline for creating a regio from RoP:D, what kind of size modifiers are needed? Is a base target for the effect a small area, or is it "individual" so you need to increase it to Room, structure or boundary to get a decent-sized space?

Just wondering if a divine companion can try turning a shrine in a cathedral into a regio with enough Faith points,

A holy magus needs to use a Hermetic ritual using this guideline - would this be CrVi, like "stratifying the subtle realities" from RoP:M p14?

My workaround for extradimesional shenanigans is the "private regio network" minor virtue from ROP:Magic. As written, it gives a player access to a network with openings all over mythic Europe. Since the nature of these openings are undefined, no reason that can't rely on a special box (perhaps made of wood from one of the oaks that grow in the regio) so that where ever the box goes, you have an entrance and exit. Make the player trade off the ability to breakfast in London and dine in Jerusalem on the same day with regio rapid transit, for the equally cool ability to have a portable lab/covenant/hideout/whatever.

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