Extreme Turbulence

One of my players has a Gifted three-year old child. Technically seven of them; six sparrow skinchangers and one shapeshifter. In case it matters, five nannies/wet-nurses were hired and they were slapped down with mentem magic to make them ignore the effects of the Gift in regards to the children (the magi don't care about the nannies getting Warp).

There's going to be an upcoming scene in the next session where at least one gets outside of the Aegis and risks Turbulence. I decided to do the rolling ahead of time (without telling the player what they were rolling for). The child triggered turbulence, and it's uncontrolled...VERY uncontrolled. They got a botch on their control roll (with a -7 Sta due to age) and I got a 32 on my (Warping Score + stress die) roll. By the rules, this is going to be a level 100 spell popping out of the kid.

Any advice?

Well, if they are shapechangers, I propose the spell turns everyone within the covenant boundary into animals. That should be a nice one-night adventure.