Facebook Thing


I run the annual Grand Tribunal convention here in Europe - it's been in Cheltenham, England for many years now and we have had ten of them, so 2017 will be the eleventh convention and out tenth anniversary (I know - the maths always confuses me but that is correct!). Obviously it would be lovely to see you all therein August 2017 and tckets re on sale at www.grandtribunal.org

However that is not what I am posting. Anyone with a Facebook account can like the page "Grand Tribunal Ars Magica Convention UK" and it will occasionally send you adverts for the convention, but perhaps more usefully reminders when Timothy updates his podcast or Atlas publish something or various links I post of possible interest tot he Ars community. It is absolutely no substitute for coming here, but if you use facebook you might as well click on it and then your feed will not just be your friends lunches, selfies and gym workouts but occasional gaming related content :wink:

cj x

Would love to visit and go!