Faeri et items

Temprobe, Don't read any further, it will avoid spoilers :slight_smile:

Hi all,
Do Faeri make enchanted items ? I'm looking to use some standing stones (menhirs) that are extremely common in the area of my players' covenant. My idea would be to make a piece of fairy trail out of them. Basically, I wanted to make them enchanted stones in the manner of hermetic magic items. But I can't find anything in the RoP: Faeries book about this.

Is it feasible or do I have to go on another track?
If it's possible, how?

Not exactly. Faerie tend to "craft" items with glamour, so they might have effects laid on them but at some point they could disincorporate into leaves and flowers just as easilly.

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hum. The main idea will be that, all this stones will be placed to be a representation of constellation to give a lead to the Hespérides and the legend of Heraclès.

And I imagined each of these stones have a power (like a charm) linked to the story of Heraclès.

But I'm not sure if it's possible or not.

Hmm, you could perhaps houserule a variant of external vis? The example given in RoP:F is a faerie warrior’s sword having no encumbrance and providing a minor virtue, but having the sword attract faeries to claim it back.

You could say the stones likewise each provide a charm effect, and attracts faeries that will push the characters towards Hespérides

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There are some faeries that use magical crafters as underlings, so that could be an option.

Alternatively, a Faerie could have a power with the Medium target (pg 123 of RoP:F) and a long duration such as Aura, with the Stone acting as the Medium

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I almost forgot, in mythic locations faeries sell faerie items built using hermetic magic item rules. Mechanically identical to hermetic items, but with the addition of faerie ranges/durations/targets, and the limitation that all items only last 7 years due to being made from glamour.


I love dropping a house rule. You are the story guide. If it works for the story it works. It doesn't need something written in a book to justify it.

If you want to feel better, write it up yourself as a virtue or a faerie mystery or something. (if faerie mysteries don't exist, well gruagarch, learned magicians, inner house mysteries, etc all didn't exist until their supplement book was published).

Most mysteries and virtues "break" the rules somehow. Gentle Gift breaks the rules, Flexible Formulaic magic breaks the rule, etc. This faerie has a way to "break" the rules.

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Remember Some Merinita mages have effectively become faeries. Somewhere along the way they could use their Hermetic magic in Faerie.