Faerie Blood types


Well, I'm coming with a little doubt about the virtue faerie blood from the core rulebook. In the virtue are described a few types of faerie blood. I have the RoP: Faeries book too, but there, there is a little modification. What I was searching for, it´s a few more blood types for this virtue. There is some in both book I can use to do it? The thing is to bring more options to my players at the character creation time.

Thanks a lot!!

I believe the intent is to just wing it. :slight_smile:

A good idea is to think about the theme you want the character to embody and then Google up a faerie to suit, and then write a small, appropriate power to coincide with it. Having the "official list" in front of you shoehorns you into a narrower range than necessary.

That said, it would be nice to have a fat list of twenty or so types of Faerie Blood, wouldn't it?

Hey! Well, this evening I was in my club with my players. I grabbed the RoP: Faeries and opened it at random and...voilá! Faerie Blood types! Hahahah, that what I've been searching for, in front of my eyes...

Well, now I dont have the book in my hands, but when I can, I will post the page here (there are two pages with more detailed faerie blood types).

Thanks a lot!