faerie blooded children

Possibly a silly hypothetical question.

A magus acquires a fae wife, whose story role is to be a faithful wife and mother until her marriage ban condition happens.
But the mage is on an LP. Does the fae wife produce children? That are the mage's blood descendants?

The fae wife may or may not produce children, but if the magus has started using his longevity ritual he will be sterile, so any children would not be his blood descendants.

I would say YSMV. In most cases, I would say no, but considering that Zeus could impregnate Danae in the form of a "golden rain", if the group sees it fit for the Faerie to become quickened from the magus through a non traditional mean, why not?

I ate all the hair, nails and skin that you shed during the last 7 moons, mixed them with the clay of the sacred grove and now I am bearing your child.

It's weird, but within Faerie tropes.

Would it be their blood descendent. both pros and cons could be argued. I'd say mostly no, but how does one test, InCo might still ping an AC between the two...

Faeries tend to be divided along the lines of fertile / infertile courts, and a fair number have powerful powers related to fertility... Glamour can itself infect fertility. We have virtues in RoP:F like a lesser benediction that makes all intercourse result in children... If something was able to reverse the fertility loss from a longevity ritual, I would look to the faerie realm first. Whether that's common... YSMV.

See, this makes me think now, could a Magus/Maga go quest Eudokia for a child even if they already took their LP... (obviously, they can try, the question is what might they obtain...)

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I feel like the OP’s answer might be full faerie “children” since they would have no mortal descent and these would play the role of the magus’s children. I don’t see faerie overriding something I see as more of an “essential” thing like the destruction of the magus’s fertility but I could see it creating the illusion of doing so.

Not a “reversal,” per se, but if a magus were to have an essential trait of fertile before their first LR I wonder if an LR would be able to override that.

It depends. Some faerie wives may not be able (or willing!) to override the Longevity Ritual's sterility. In fact, the very desire that the magus may have for a child might provide vitality to the faerie.

But others may well do so via some Faerie power. I'd say that being able to overcome one's own Longevity Ritual's sterility is worth no more than some Minor Virtue, one that an appropriate Faerie can certainly Grant. This would be particularly true if such boon were restricted to a particularly narrow set of circumstances; and a magus pursuing with passion such set of circumstances would be a great source of vitality for the faerie.