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Prompted by Timothy Ferguson's articles on his blog (shameless plug, but I've been enjoying it a lot, so I'm spreading the love) I've began to (slooooowly) read again the excellent RoP: Faerie

And I noticed the last paragraph on p10.

In short, instead of taking a bunch of material and spreading its glamour over it to form a clear body, some powerful faerie can reach over a large area, which then "becomes" their body.
They may still take part of it to form, say, a human body, but that'd be like saying I use my thumb to communicate with other thumbs.
Most notably, since the area "is" their body, they can control it, which may, to outside viewers, seem like a magical effect.

So for example, a Faery could embody a lake, create a human body using part of it, which could appear to create a whirlwind, or towers of water, whereas in truth, it would just be the fae moving its "body".

I find this idea fantastic, in more ways than one (Kudos to the authors, btw: I hated it at first, but, aside from the mechanics, this has become one of my favorite books).
Has anyone ever played with this? A country where everything is part of a faerie's glamour?

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LotN p.28 The Father of Dread is such a Faerie, which has caused quite some confusion about time in adventuring groups and here: https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/keeping-ones-parma-magica-up/10639/1 .
Ermelina in sub rosa #16 and #18 can do similar things when 'acting'.


I use it a lot...but then again, I would. 8)

I'm not sure he is.

As far as I can tell, what he has is a power, albeit one with 0 might cost, which can be resisted (this is even written down). He can call dawn when in faerie (he is, after all, a god of dawn), he isn't dawn, he isn't the land.

That page in RoP: F refers to a faerie embodying the country, which becomes their "real" body. So, in my example above, if the faerie embodies the lake and form a "false" human body which could appear to control the lake, using, say, water tentacles, which wouldn't be resisted, being part of the faerie's "true" body. Likewise with a forest, where trees could attack you, without being resisted. Quite different from a power, even a 0-point one.

For Ermelina, if you had a precise page reference, I'd like it (I've skimmed through SR 16 but, although I did find her, I couldn't find what you where speaking about, probably because I was hurrying), but if you don't, don't worry, I'll try to find it whenever I can. Thanks for the tip.

That introduction about Ownership on RoP:F p.10 summarizes the Power Extended Glamour on p.61. Both Ermelina (sub rosa #18 p.15) and The Father of Dread (LotN p.28) have this Power, but use it in different ways, according to their roles and cognizance.
It is written out as Extend Glamour for The Father of Dread, and he can apply it in his domain in the Faerie Realm. Having the sun bop up and down there is for him just like moving his claws.

The "real" body of a Faerie is Glamour, and with Extended Glamour it can become "coterminous with its associated landscape feature": as close as possible to embodying that feature.

Distinguishing between "false" and "true" bodies of Faeries is tricky. Glamour can not be categorized that way.[sup]*[/sup]

The Father of Dread can eat characters without having to overcome their MR. He could likely pummel them also with the rocks in its domain, but is Incognizant and just craves to devour them up close and personal. His other uses of Extend Glamour, like "cascading dawns to strip magical defenses", are resisted. This conforms with:


[sup]*[/sup]: The thing coming closest to a "true" body is the Faerie's anchor - and RoP:F p.10 last paragraph does not appear to talk of anchors at all.

EDIT: You might have thought of a very specific use of Extended Glamour, and I might have given you use cases of it that do not match your criteria. If that is true, please excuse me.

I have used extended glamour- frequently so that a house or shop is actually the faerie which appears to reside inside. An entire country would seem to be taking this a bit far- maybe a city-state in Lombardy, but France, for example, covers two tribunals and the idea of it being a single faerie is... unnerving.

It's technically possible, but remember the era we're in. Any faerie who became a whole country's aura would likely face the wrath of the Divine; there aren't any auras that vast for a reason.

That said, if an alliance of some Merinita and other pro-pagan magi wanted to see if they could create a faerie tutelary spirit for Lithuania, they can go for it. Just remember that that would likely create a powerful faerie aura over the whole kingdom, which means warping everyone in the country.

One of the ideas I couldn''t quite congeal for the podcast is to use Extended Glamour so that the acedia plague caused by the breaking of the Bitter Glass is the body of the Snow Queen.

Would it be possible for a faerie regent to use Extend Glamour on a human, turning them into a fragment of the greater faerie? Or was there another ability for that... I don't have my books accessible right now.

RoP:F p.75 Faerie Spouses and similar faeries bearing human children, or faeries like the nymph from RoP:F p.76 The Dragon-Maiden turning a girl body-and-mind into a dragon, show that glamour can encompass humans and bend them to faerie rules.
This is the ultimate waste of these humans' vitality and attention to faerie games, though: hence there is usually a fitting, dramatic and emotional way - like birth or love - to free those captives. Think Sleeping Beauty. For Tytalus in Maddenhofen Forest this way might perhaps still be found.


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