Faerie distributions?

Dhampir seem to be unique to the Transylvanian Tribunal. But there is some travelling happening in ME, so sooner or later a Dhampir will travel far outside their normal range.

What happens if a dhampir dies, in England, or perhaps on Crusade?
Do they become a slavic vampire, and introduce slavic stories to a new location. Or do they become the nearest local equivalent to slavic vampire?

Don't Dhampirs rise as a vampire of the type that sired them?

Theoretically yes, but I am asking what happens if a dhampir dies far beyond where there are stories of vampires similar to their sires? It is a question of what faerie spirit appears.

I don't think it's ever officially addressed, but my first thoughts are that the stories themselves are universal even if particular iterations of those stories are culturally bound - as a faerie will be drawn to the story either way though it might play out differently than it would in, say, Transylvania.

Actually, come to think of it, the vampire might actually just arise in Transylvania regardless of where the Dhampir in question was at the time of death since where s/he died isn't necessarily an important part of the story - I can't really decide whether I like the idea of unwitting characters battling exotic Slavic faeries in foreign locales, using similar local beasts like Leanan Sidhe or Ghuls, or simply having the faerie manifest in the characters homeland irrespective of place of death as all three would lend themselves to interesting stories!

So the resurrected dhampir would adopt the form of a local variety of blood sucker?