Faerie/Divine/Infernal Powers and Warping

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For Faerie/Divine/Infernal methods and powers, as constant effects, for warping, do they count as designed for the target?

I'm trying to decide whether granting a grog a virtue, or similar powerful effect, is giving the grog 5 warping or 1 warping a year.

Well, if there is an active effect from one of the powers, sure it will warp. As for how much, it will depend somewhat. If it's a spell you have to develop, such as creating a Hermetic spell using those methods and power, then have you designed it for the individual? But if it's just an effect being created for that individual on the fly, then it's for that individual inherently unless you're trying to be cruel.

I think the Faerie Method/Powers are always made up on the fly, so to speak.
There doesn't appear to be any mention of lab work or similar spells or so forth.

I'm pretty sure you can use these via Hermetic ritual magic if you have the right Virtues. If you're not doing it that way, I'm pretty sure you're right.

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Ah true, I had missed that. Thanks.

You could make an argument that certain kinds of curses and hexes are "designed" for their targets as they are meant to do one thing to one person, but that distinction would totally be a GM's call.

Our troupe might be cruel, but we always treat "on the fly" effects, including spontaneous magic, as not designed for the target. That's because you just do not have the time to do all the careful balancing of energies that spending a season in the lab would allow you to; and the "designed for the target" clause specifically talks of formulaic spells, not of generic spells.

One case of a faerie effect warping the target at the rate of 5 points/year is, if I am not mistaken (noble's parma), Captivating. I seem to recall that the way it was worded was one of the things that convinced our troupe to go with the interpretation above.

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