Faerie folk magic?

Is there anything in the RAW about faerie-based folk magic? Kind of a non-gifted merinita? If so, where?
Also, has anything been written about ley lines?


Two chapters of RoP Faerie: Touches of Faerie, and Faerie wizardry, cover lots of faerie traditions. But nearly any supernatural virtue can be given faerie orientation {spirit summoning says this explicitly}.

But I suspect you know this. :confused:

Perfect. Exactly what I'm looking for.

Anything on ley lines, or 'faerie roads', especially creating new ones?

Ah. I'm looking for "Portage" powers. RoP:F, pg 127.

Thanks Erik!

The term "ley line" was first used in 1921, to refer to (theoretical) neolithic migration tracks. It was first used to refer to spiritual trails in 1969. So, we didn't include them.

If you are going for a "stargate network" you could also take a look at Rop:M, page 45. There is the (Land) Regio Network virtue, that basically allows for teleport around the world through fixed points of entry.


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