Faerie Glamour and Arcane Connections

On page 11-12 of RoP: F under the heading of "The Open Body is Vulnerable to Glamour" it discusses how certain actions allow a person to become vulnerable to a faerie's power. It also states within the paragraphs that when a faerie's glamour enters a person's body that an Arcane Connection is created.

The Arcane connections described are:
A. Speaking: AC to the faerie of 2 until conversation ends
B. Eating Glamorous Food: AC to the glamour of 2 until permitted to leave
C. Having blood drunk from wound by faerie: AC to the faerie of 3 until wound heals
D. Sex with faerie: AC to the faerie of 4 during the act
E. Pregnant by faerie: AC between parents of 5 until it pregnancy ends.

My questions are:

  1. Am I right in believing that a Mage speaking with a faerie develops and AC of 2 to him automatically?
  2. Does the faerie have an AC to the mage of 2 as well?
  3. In case B, does the AC of 3 apply to the faerie as well or just to the glamour that was consumed (and what is the difference, if any)?
  4. If a faerie doesn't have a specific power that lets them create food, what is the Penetration of any food it feeds its guests? Does this food need to Penetrate?

More generally, from the text it seems this is a way humans become vulnerable to faeries. But from the rule perspective, if the faerie is granting ACs to the humans by partaking of these acts, it's actually the reverse (the faerie becomes more vulnerable to Hermetic Magic).