Faerie God Blood

How do you think the Faerie God Benefit is supposed to be read?

"1 Point to spend on appropriate Sympathy Traits"
Sympathy traits need to be acquired somehow (this character gains 1 positive and 1 negative from Faerie Background), they are limited to Warping + gains via virtues (most likely only +1 due to faerie blood) and one can spend xp in them until they reach the limit. Does the Faerie blood allow me to

  • Increase my positive trait by one up to the limit, essentially granting 10xp
  • Increase my positive trait by one, increasing its limit along the way
  • Pick a whole other (positive) Sympathy Trait at 1, subject to the other limits?

The first or the last. Faerie blood of any type increases the limit of sympathies by 1 for minor or 3 for major.

My reading has always been that you get a free level 1 sympathy trait related to the deity in question that you can then raise normally from there.

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Silveroak is correct, as the Faerie God version of Faerie Blood gives you a free point in a sympathy trait related to the deity. Nullsettings is correct as well - that free point can be used to stack with existing sympathy traits or to pick new ones. If you have a sympathy trait of "Love +3" purchased with a major virtue and then you have faerie blood of Freya, you could up that to "Love +4" or take a new one of "Cats +1"