Faerie Magic & Enchanted Devices

Just a quick question, as I am easily confused. Am I correct in believing that using Faerie Magic a Merinita maga can create an Enchanted item with Target: Bloodline? It's one of the special Faerie Magic Bloodlines, and does not seem to require a Ritual?

cj x

Yes, you are correct.

Core rules page 92:

That can be read like that can be used on any spell type, or that only on spells. I asked time ago and i was answered taht only to spells.

As invested effects are explicitly designed as spells, I would go with the interpretation that those Ranges, Targets, and Durations are allowed for invested effects. Plus, as non-ritual spells using Faerie Magic Guidelines gained through Mysteries can definitely be invested, I don't see why these wouldn't work the same way.


By reading very literally what you write you effectively rule out lesser devices and charged devices?
Or did 'invested effects' not mean 'effects of invested devices' but rather 'effects invested in devices'?

Take a look at ArM5 p.96 & 98. I'm using the book's language. The book uses "invested" and "instilled" interchangeably except with the word "device." Invested devices explicitly have effects instilled in them, but not explicitly invested in them. Lesser enchanted devices explicitly have effects invested or instilled in them. Charged items follow the same rules with certain exceptions, and that isn't part of the exceptions. Also, under "Instilling Effects," the process includes choosing an "effect to be invested." So, no, a literal reading of what I wrote does not exclude other types of devices. Had I said something about invested items it might have, though.


I'd also say that unless it tells you it can't be invested in an item, it should be normally allowable as long as it's not a ritual - compare with Bjornaer Sensory magic in the same book, which explicitly can't be put in items, or the Verditius section which explicitly states what sort of items that particular mystery applies to.