Faerie-Raised Magic

Faerie-Raised Magic (Mystery Cults, Pg 80) allows you to invent spells based on supernatural effects/faerie magic you've seen within that season.

Are you allowed to adjust the parameters (range, duration, target) as long as it aligns with the general spirit of the spell/effect you're mimicking. Some Faerie spells/Supernatural Effects have parameters you can't mimic as a Magus, so are you allowed to edit these?

I'd allow some change in parameters, but the effect needs to align with the spirit of the spell/effect. How much change? That depends on the context, and what the changes are.

The great trick is to have LLSM, spont something you want, and then put the adventure experience into learning it.

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But since both are Major Hermetic Virtues, you can't start with both.

Right. Start with Faerie-Raised Magic and Independent Study. Start with Cabal Upbringing to get into or later join the Children of Odin. Now you have both along with extra Adventure experience.


Pushing this back onto topic because I'm not interested in the conversation of Optimisation cuz I'm already playing this character; This seems to be the sensible answer - me and my group came to a similar conclusion but I guess I was wondering if there was an official response on this.

There is a certain amount of flexibility inherent due to "mimic," rather than something more specifically identical, but I don't think anything specific has ever been stated. I think it's strongly in the troupe-decision region.

Also, one won't automatically know what Range/Duration/Target was used with any particular spell or supernatural effect one has seen.
Yet that shouldn't stop someone with Faerie-Raised Magic from mimicking the effect.

So I'd say no, the parameters do not need to match exactly.

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