Faerie Wizardry and Illusions

Using Faerie Wizardry, specifically Conjure, how would I do turn something invisible?

I think I need a sympathy for a target, but also for what I turn it into right?

So would a (broad second tier) sympathy of say Men, allow me to turn a man invisible?
Also a second question, to give a man wings, like the horse of a different colour, would I need a sympathy with any winged thing, as well as a man?

Turn it into wind or air?



Note that the answer is "yes" only for the Conjure Method, not for Faerie Wizardry in general.

It depends.

A winged man is still a man, so you should be able to rely on the "basic" sympathy for Men. Only if you changed the man into something of a different nature, e.g. a bird, would you need a second sympathy.

The case of the "horse of a different colour" is slightly different: the horse is changed into a hybrid of a horse and a bird (e.g. it gains not only wings, but a bird's voice too). This is a trickier case, where I'd probably require a sympathy for birds too. Note that this may still be advantageous compared to just giving a horse wings, in that if you do have a sympathy for birds, you can leverage that in addition to your sympathy for horses.

Thanks for the responses.

I wondered why the horse could sing, but that makes perfect sense.

I'm torn between a sympathy for "North Wind" and "Spirits".

A followup question:

A glamour can't cause permanent harm/damage, what about a target transformed by a glamour.

Could "A Horse of a Different Colour" cause permanent harm, say by kicking someone, that would last after the horse transformed back?