Faeries for Sub Rosa

This SR subscriber would like to see coverage of the Russian/Slavic faeries, if they are not already present (I didn't see them in the ToC, but then again, maybe they're "variants"). Depending on your POV, these may or may not (perhaps being magic spirits) include:


If no one else picks one of these, consider that to be my order of preference! (Personally my take is that rusalki are probably spirits of the Magic realm, not faeries, but having not seen RoP:F yet...)


Will the new rulebook help me if I want to use Spanish or German or any other fairies linked to specific cultures?

It depends on what you mean by "help", but yes, I think so.

The earlier faerie-related books for Ars were strongly skewed to Celtic faeries, not just as examples, but on a cosmological level. This is not the case in later books, and since this is an announced "line" policy I can repeat it here.

The intent is that the design rules can design pretty much any faerie, and the breakdown of faeries with announced names (from the table of contents) includes faeries whose native ranges are as far east as modern Iran and as far west as Ireland. Others are Saharan (ghula) and polar (koerkoolaines). They also work for Australian Aboriginal spirits from the Wrightson List, although none of those are in the book. 8) The "newest" spirit mentioned is...well is modern but drawing from classic ideas, and the oldest mentioned comes from a Sumerian ghost story. So, the model/structure/rules seem to work pretty widely, geographically and chronologically.

As I recall, for me the main problem with Spain was that its faerie stories look like north Cornish stories: they have a -lot- of giants, compared to some other places.

Yup, and we also have a lot of gnomes and devil stories (usually related to witches). Faeries in pools (nayads) are also fairly common, as well as dark feeders on human emotions.



Gnomes we can do.
Nayads we can do.
Dark feeders on emotion we can do.

Devils...well...that depends. There are some devil stories which are structurally identical to faerie stories, but you'd do better in Ars to use the RoP:I rules.

Maye not all devis are demons. Maybe some are just mischevious imps that look devilish, but since their compulsion is to have fum making mischief rather than corrupting souls, it would seem more appropriate as a faerie.

I mean I have no idea about the fairies of these cultures and have no books to it. I hope I find the appropriate informations in the rulebook to introduce say "Spanish" fairies in my saga and not a general fantasy mixture.
Similar thing what you and Xavi said. Good to know I should plan a lot of giants and may use nayads etc.

Giants are popular in mountain areas, and the iberian peninsula has quite a few of those around :slight_smile:



(asking here because i have no answer on the other thread)

What is exactly sub rosa??

The current Fanzine in the English language, published by Alex White. It is a quarterly pdf file release, currently at its fourth (?) issue. The contents include fan material, comments from the line editor, material from ArM writers that didn't make it to the books, and more.


Information from HermesWeb,
hermesweb.ekkaia.org/pie.php?act ... e=Fanzines

For Birbin and Xabin, there are many fairyes in Iberic terriritories.
Generally you could use a version of Wili of the Houses of Hermes: True Lineages, in Tremere Chapter with the "Moras, moricas, encantadas", maides charmed or hexed for be in a cave, for me are Faeries with base Corpus.
Afeter, Xabin, if you are of Barcelona, you should know about "Donas d'aigua", Waters Maiden. Like the Willy but with Aquam. After are the Follets, crazy goblins dressed like harlequins that many times are in the littles whirlinds. The too are catalonian faries.
In the North, in Asturians mountains there are the "Nuberus", some like, clouder, old men with windy bag and bad acctitud.
In Basque there are Lamias, Maurak, Maides (a type of dwarfs), Gorritxki, Mari (Queen of Basques faerys), and too a Christmas Gifter called Olentxero.
And many, really there are many. Search in Wikipedia.

Thanks MarioJPC
Actually I'm not planning adventures in Spain. Spanish and German cultures were only examples.
I'm just curious what can I find in the rulebook. I would like notes like your post to every culture. It would take only 3-4 pages and could save many research hours.

Very useful indeed Mario :smiley:

Spain is my #1 area of interest and has been the setting of most of my Ars Magica games.

Just a quick bump to remind people that this offer is still open, since Faeries is close to available.


I would like not so much a faerie as ideas for a faerie-fair - what do fairies bargain for, how to run it in a good and fun way, and so on.

A particular faerie I'd like to see is a faerie King of Summer Dark. I'm planning on using the adventure from Faerie Tales about him imprisoning the faerie queen of Winter Bright, and I'd like more input on him. The setting is near Glastonbury, so a link to Gwynn ap Nudd is perhaps wise.

Speaking of which, are the courts of the seasons, as seen in GotF, covered?

Ask me again in a week? For any sort of detailed answer I need to wait for the NDA to lapse.

The courts from "Guardians of the Forest" work perfectly well in the new rules. Newer books are required, by design, to be consistent with older books in the current edition. If you were building them from scratch, the way the powers in GoTF are priced might differ a little to make them a better mechanical match for some of the ideas that came to the fore in the creation of creature powers in the various Realm books, but the degree of anomoloy is not so large that any character in setting would notice it.

The motivations of the characters and their story role might be described a little differently, because after RoP:F, there will be a new way of talking about faeries, in much the same way that we now have a broader way of talking about magical beings, but again that's a minor OOC consideration: mages in setting would not notice a difference.

Hmmm faeries... a Matagot perhaps?

I will, unless I'm too busy reading the book. :wink: In the meantime, if you please, consider that as a humble request for a treatment of the topic.

[snipped: reassurances regarding backward compatibility]

OK, so: basically the courts of Dark and Light and Summer and Winter are possible under the new rules, but they aren't the centre of the cosmology anymore. They are just one example of a pretty obvious sort of phenomenon and the cosmology is a lot more intimate and player character referential than this now.

Which is to say, they are in, but have been markedly de-emphasised. The courtly faerie examples are, however, basically Dark Summer as I recall.

So, now that its out: time to get serious ladies and gents!

My hope is to do one faerie for each of you. I know that's about 50 faeries and is therefore utterly insane and Alex probably wouldn't let me do it anyway because it is utterly nuts, but hey, let's see how we do. At the moment I'm working on just one book (for an undisclosable publisher), as far as I recall, and it's at a mechanical rather than creative stage, so, rack the faeries up, and we'll see how we do.

Remember though: the offer is open to Sub Rosa subscribers only, and you only get -one- each tops. So, conspiring together is a good idea!

(Can you ask for a treatment of faerie markets instead? Sure...I have no idea how to answer the question yet, though, so it'll go lower down the writing order while I get material.)