Faeries & Sympathy

I used up far too much time yesterday looking for the answer to this question. Fortunately, I learned a lot about the mechanics in RoP:F in the process. I'm still stuck on this one, though. I can see at least two ways a Faerie can acquire a Sympathy Trait. I can also see at least two ways a Faerie can acquire Abilities (not Pretenses).

Sympathy: A faerie could simply take the virtue Faerie Sympathy. Alternatively, someone with that virtue could become a faerie, such as via Becoming.

Abilities: A faerie could have the virtue Faerie Trainer. Alternatively, someone transformed into a faerie, such as via Becoming, can have Abilities.

This all looks fine so far. But what's the cap for Sympathy Traits for a faerie? Faeries don't have Warping Scores. Does a Sympathy Trait just advance as Pretense now? It's not exactly a Pretense since it adds to Abilities (not Pretenses) instead of replacing them as Pretenses do. Or can faeries not have Sympathy Traits? This seems reasonable, too, but there is a fairly exhaustive list of what virtues they cannot have (page 54) and Faerie Sympathy doesn't fall under anything there.




For what it's worth, I was under the impression that Faeries didn't need Sympathy Traits it's not mentioned anywhere in Chapter 3 or 4 and would seem rather pointless anyway since a Faerie's ties to Faerie Realm are already represented in his/her/its Might Score.

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The questions aren't about need.

Q: Can faeries have Sympathy Traits?

It seems like they can to me, but I'm not sure if that was the intent.

Q: If so, how are the Sympathy Traits capped?

Maybe they're not capped since the individual is fully aligned with Faerie and the Warping Score is a measure of how aligned with Faerie the individual is. Maybe you use the Faerie Might instead of the Warping Score.


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Faeries really aren't supposed to have Sympathy Traits. Sympathy makes people more like faeries, gives them sympathy with the Faerie realm. That has no meaning for faeries, because that's all they are. They have Might instead.


Makes sense and sounds good. I'd just noticed several ways for it to happen and wanted to check on it.