Faith & Flame: The Provençal Tribunal

Hey Ars Magica fans!

I've just posted the cover image & product information for the Ars Magica sourcebook that's currently in the layout stage of production and next in line for release after HOOKS, which is shipping soon. What sourcebook? It's Faith & Flame: The Provençal Tribunal! Check out all of the details here:

Ooh. So, all of the tribunals (will) now have a book in at least some edition, is that right? Have I missed any?

Whee! It's about time!

Thank you!

Oh, i would love to read this one. HYPE.

Is it Mistridge Covenant's tower on the cover? Illustration looks like Mistridge supplement cover picture…


Awesome cameo, many Ars Magica stories are on this Tribunal, previously picked con this and Caleabais.

And the skies opened, and heaven's music was heard throughout Christendom.

I thought this day might never come.


Ooh I was hoping we'd see this one soon! :smiley:

I'm looking forward to it. While I'm running my saga in 790 and that is not the target year, I'm very excited for all the region and faerie related plot hooks.

Looking forward to this one, disappointed to have missed playtesting it.

Nice to see this one earlier than expected. :slight_smile: You have a guaranteed sale with me.

What about Doissetep? Will it be in or discarded as "old baggage"?

I love Mistridge and Doissetep, and consider them characteristic for Ars Magica, so here's hoping they're both in.

The cover pretty much screams "Mistridge". I personally bet against Doissetep, however; due to copyright issues.

I think that's all of them.

I'm wondering whether we'll see more areas (Mythic Scandinavia, Mythic Africa, Mythic Iceland...) detailed next, or re-workings of the older Tribunals. We have seven of those (Greater Alps, Iberia, Levant, Loch Leglean, Novgorod, Rome, and Stonehenge), so by ... ehm... 2021 we'll need a new edition :smiley:

Mythic Scandanavia and Mythic Iceland were covered in 4th Edition supplements, Ultima Thule and Fire and Ice, respectively. So you could extend the need for a new edition a bit past 2021... :smiley:

Mythic Africa was also covered before. But we'll see some of that in the Egypt book that's in the works, I guess. Nonetheless the Scandinavia and Iceland books could use a 5th edition version as well.

Here's hoping for an overhaul of the old tribunal books. I'd buy all of them.

Judging by the cover things don't look too good for Mistridge though. I'm aware of the copyright issues with Doissetep, but we also have the Tremere, so what's one more? (The copyright notes for the corebook actually list "Order of Hermes, Tremere, and Doissetep" - so it's already covered, I guess.)

Good to see it's on its way!

cj x

Very pleased to see this one announced. June is sooner than I expected, too, which is fine by me. That means I'll be able to take a picture of it at Gencon. :smiley:


You'll be able to sign it at Gencon!

Okay, if anyone here is going to Gencon, make sure you flash-mob Ben and get him to sign your copy of Faith & Flame.

I'll be there too. There is talk of hosting Grand Tribunal America at Gen Con this year, in fact!

Oh, now that's interesting.

Do you know by when that will all be decided?

That changes the appeal of Gen Con to me quite a bit.

Indeed, knowing this is really important because of the lodging issue.