Fall 1229 A hidden path

On his way to the covenant on his normal route, Giovanni spots a faerie regio entrance a mere 10 miles from the covenant. It is a bit further from human settlement than usual, being just over a full days journey (8 miles from a small village) and in this it is closer to the covenant, there being an almost direct line from the covenant to the regio to the village.

Well, that is definitely interesting! Thinks Giovanni. I have experienced fey regios before, and should let the magi know before I walk into this. Maybe I’m not the only one who wishes to explore this regio. (OOC, are the mages still gone?) He goes back to the Covenant and tells the Majordomo, or whoever is in charge when the mages are gone, of the regio.
He then asks, “We’re you aware of a fey regio so close by the covenant? Is this something the masters should know about? And who wants to go explore it with me?”

The magi will have returned by this point, but refer to the story points and the fact that magi really should not be racing out to handle every event that can call them away from their labs and other long term projects...

(OOC: Giovanni is going in, but prudence requires him to look for others who want to go, and to set up a possible rescue party if he doesn't come back. And, other player participation is helpful and fun.)

Giovanni returns to the covenant and goes to the redcap, Agatha Gatling, Jeagar, Fiore, and anyone else who may be interested in exploring a Fairie Regio. He asks if they are interested in going with him.
He also asks the Masters if they are interested, and lets them know that a party will be going in, and hopefully coming out soon, with news of what they found.
He describes the location specifically enough that they know where the party is going, and that they should be back within a few weeks or so.

Guida would happily take part in such an expedition.

Jaeger is unfamiliar with the fae, but holds a strong sense of duty to the protection of the covenant, so as this seems like it might be a threat, he will volunteer to go.

[but not sure if he's already busy, are any magi exploring the Alps in this season that would have taken him as guide?]

Assuming Bartomeus is accepted, Fiore would be up for it.

It looks like the question is between Bartomeus being accepted and Bartomeus being accepted provisionally, so I think we can assume Fiore's presence.

The group heads back to where Giovanni spotted the entrance to a faerie regio- which turns out to be a crack in the side of the mountain, some 15 feet tall, which is only there if approached from a certain path off the road which he, and a few goatherds, traditionally use. Pushing through the rock crevice you find yourself in a network of caves with no natural illumination, though where you stand is lit from the daylight coming through the crevice. You are already in a regio, so second sight does not help to navigate.

At which period of the day are we entering the regio?

Since you have planned the expedition that is at the time of your choosing.

Guida would prefer to come in early in the day. As is typical while travelling, she will activate her armor so as not to be weighed down and crack a torch before we go in the less well-lit areas. Would her area lore give any background on the cave network, such as folk tales or rumors about the area?

Go ahead and roll...

I rolled an 8.

She cannot recall having heard anything about this cave system.

Fiore offers his advice "What exactly are we looking for here? And why aren't we entering, if we seemed hell bent on exploring it?"

"We're here on reconnaissance for the covenant. Something faerie dwells here, or at least there is an aura. I don't know more. Be careful. But you're right, we should advance."

Guida motions the group and steps forward, carrying a torch in one hand, her shield in another.

You proceed inward and encounter a maze of tunnels...

Guida pipes in, seeing the many tunnels: "Any idea where to go from here, or how to proceed and not get lost?"

"My skill at navigating is slim, but I do have luck on my side." And he's looking around to see if there's anything his Magic Sensitivity picks up.