falling star question

what sort of spell level would be necesary to cause a meteor(falling star)to hit a person/thing/deamon?

Stars are in the lunar sphere, so generally the purview of god, if he wills them to fall, they do. Once they're falling, they're probably fair game to shift the aim a little, but it would obviously be rather situational, as you'd need there to be a falling star in sight to affect it >.>

I believe the limit of the Lunar Sphere includes not being able to affect things from beyond it - a falling star is beyond the control of Hermetic Magic, and could not be used for enchanted weapons... Not that the Verditii would stop trying...

However, arms and armor forged from one would be, effectively, immune to magic. Of course, the trick is finding one ... without getting blasted into Kingdom Come...


Strictly speaking (i.e. in paradigm), meteors and comets are not beyond the Lunar Sphere. They are earthly exhalations sent up into the Sphere of Fire (which is just below the Lunar Sphere) usually by volcanoes. They then circle the earth until their natural motion takes over and they return to earth.

The Sphere of Fire is made of pure blue fire (it is why the sky is blue). However, the burning rocks burn with a less pure flame, which is how they can be seen.

To answer the original question, It'd be quite difficult to bring a meteor down to earth, although a ReTe at R:Sight might do it, but you'd have to sit and wait for the Perseids or Leonids (yearly meteor showers).

The Visitation of Xiphius
ReTe 40
R: Sight, D: Sun, T: Ind, Ritual
The caster targets a meteor during one of the season showers, and brings it down to earth on any earthly target he can see. The ritual spell can be easily foiled by poor weather conditions since the caster needs to be able to see both the meteor and its target. It takes Sun duration for the meteor to reach its target from the Sphere of Fire so only static targets can be hit with the meteor. During its fall, the caster will need to make small adjustments to the course of the fiery doom to hit the intended target, but he cannot change the intended destination of the missile once the spell has been cast. These corrections require a Concentration roll of 12+ every hour; each fail causes a 10 pace deviation in the destination. If the caster exceeds 15 with his Concentration roll he can negate a previous failure. When it hits, damage rolls are inapplicable; a rock the size of a large house burning with unearthly fire has just landed in the targeted area. This will obliterate a small town.
Xiphius was one of the several types of meteors identified by Ancient Greek Astronomers.
(base 3, +3 Sight, +2 Sun, +1 affect stone, +3 Size)


*hums Waiting for A Star to Fall and ponders the blue fire