Familiar bond no warping chicanery

Hello all

A recent post in another thread reminded me that familiar bond powers do not warp.

This obviously got the munchkin in me all tingly. So what kind of effects would you enchant into a bond to take advantage of this? The obvious choice is permanent effects, but what would be a good thing to permanently enchant into yourself? Take in mind of course that permanent effects also negate the need for the familiar to activate them if they affect the magus only.

So any ideas? And has anyone actually done this?

Not yet implemented:
Purification of the Festering Wounds (personalized)
CrCo 20
R:Touch D:Moon T:Ind
give +9 to recovery rolls

Gives +18 bonus to recovery Rolls

(annoyingly this does not apply to rolls to avoid aging crises)

(from the net grimoire http://spellswiki.wikidot.com/intellego-vim)
Sight of the Nature of Vis
InVi 25
R: Personal, D: Concentration, T: Vision
Allows the maga to see auras around objects containing vis. This aura varies in colour depending upon the technique or form of the vis (as the spell Sense the Nature of Vis).
Having developed a spell to defraud Magi of vis (though she insists it was just a joke) – Discordia decided she’d better develop an Intellego spell that wouldn’t be fooled by her own spell.
(B: 4, R: Personal, D: Concentration +1, T: Vision +4)
Contributor: Badger101, transcribed by Yair


Everything! Who cares if it's permanent, even. Familiars are probably the most powerful part of a magus's repertoire. And with a focus that covers the familiar, even more so. Sure, these effects and only affect you and/or your familiar. But there is so much useful stuff! Think about all the Intellego stuff plus Rego wards. Those two alone could keep you busy for a lifetime if you get obsessive about them.

Not to mention nifty Muto effects. Animal shape for a season, no warping? Nice. Increase your size? decrease? Night vision?

PeIm, be invisible as often as you want.


A focus that covers a familiar is awesome. My favorites are either astrological minors (the one for subordinates or family should apply) or Major Focus with Spirits+Spirit Familiar. MF with Spirits is also needed to make Theurgy (almost) worthwhile, so it's an interesting combo. A Spirit Talisman completes the trifecta, especially if one rules that a focus that covers an item covers all the effects enchanted into it.

No Warping is excellent for long term constant/continuing effects you don't want to have to remember all the time. But it is still a good idea to be able to turn everything "off" if you need to. Many minor reasons that could crop up.
Good ideas though, include...
Endurance of the Berserkers
Ward against Heat & Flames
any Ward really
Non Ritual stat boosts
Imaginem effects that make you look cool/humble/trusting
other protective/defensive spells

Have the effect be concentration rather than Sun.... and/or add a magnitude for flexibility... or master a dispel

Can it really be R:Personal since the familiar is the one controlling/casting it on the magus?

I thought that was pretty much the definition of personal range with a familiar bond - ie, the other side of the bond controlled when it was active.

Good catch.
And you're right. Effects in the familiar bond need R: Touch.

Oh, right - the effects are all personal, but the actual magnitude is touch ('cuz, again - controlled by the other side.)

Thanks I had missed that...