Familiar helping with the bond

If you have a familiar that is capable of helping you with lab work. Can that familiar assist you with the lab activity of Strengthening the bonds that you have to said familiar?

One of my players asked me this and I haven't found anything that speaks against it. Though I feel like the answer should be no...

Why do you think the answer should be no?

Personally, I don't have a problem if the familiar assists with strengthening the bond after the bond has been created.

One reason I might use in lawyering the answer being no, is that the Familiar Lab Total doesn't explicitly state that an assistant can be used. But the counter to that argument is that the Lab Total on page 94 doesn't included bonuses for assistants, either. Nowhere does it say in the Familiar section that you can't use an assistant. I can certainly see a familiar saying to their magus, "If you do this, this and this, you'll be able to improve the bond, perhaps strengthening one of our weaker cords."

This is similar to a magus helping another when the second one is creating a new longevity ritual for the first magus (page 101).

So yes, I believe that the familiar should be able to assist the magus when strengthening the bond.

This comparison is flawless, call me convinced.

I am OK with this, after all this is something between both.