Familiar Powers: A grimoire?

Hello all!

My current saga will be lurching back to life soon, after scattered one shots here and there.

Quaesitor Helios Excelsis has bound Igack the Drake (from Calebais) as his familiar, and Pellegrina Montacatini du Tulede has bound a very large exotic butterfly (now named Farfalosa) as her familiar. They are looking forward to empowering the bond based on their particular magical strengths.

A Terram specialist, Renoir, is looking to bond Etruscus, based on the magical horse Aeolus from RoP : Magic.

So, in future, lots of bond powers potentially happening.

I'm wondering if people could post as a resource and inspiration the bond powers they've had in their sagas.

As of right now:

Pellegrina wants her butterfly to talk, turn into human form, and beyond that who knows. She's a muto specialist, so no problem.

Helios is interested in possibly sharing senses and mental communication. Possibly a power to allow his drake to smell magic.

What things have others had in their saga? It feels like a ripe area for collecting examples - Familiars of Hermes, the Web Book :wink:


From an archived saga, my Hoplite ice maga Friga Glacialis Ex Flambeau had bound a snow fox (or is that arctic fox?). It was fitted with the powers of teleportation (500 paces) to better escape, and a higher maignitude of Beast of Outlandish Size, mainly so it could become very small, to better fit intot he folds of Friga's cloak, when she flew around on assignments.
Same saga has an Elementalist with Terram specialty who had a bear (he managed to boost either the size of soak, and wanted to give it wings, but that was way off what his Arts could do) and the corpus/aging specialist had a vulture (no powers added).
Those were the only 5th ed Familiars I've dealt with. Back in 4th ed, everyone wanted those powers where you could exchange Characteristics.

My 4th edition Criamon, Oraclius, was extremely focused on detection powers, and had a false eye talisman that was somewhat the magical equivalent of Geordi LaForge's visor (he could constantly use Sight of the Active Magics, The Invisible Eye Revealed, and two of the realm-aligned Magic Veil Powers). His Raven of Virtue familiar, Cornelius Agrippa (after whom the famous Renaissance magician is named, of course), had the powers Second Sight, Sight of the Transparent Motive, and Whispers Through the Black Gate. The bond allowed shared senses, shared speech, and the exchange of Second Sight and Intuition.