Familiar Question

Does empowering the familiar bond give warping? The rulebook does not specifically specify this so far as I can tell. I'd like to rule that it does not, but I'm not sure. Thoughts?

It is a high level magical effect, but one designed specifically for the target(s) of the magic, and therefore ought not to cause any warping.

There is some sort of explicit statement about familiar bonds not causing warping. The statement may be only explicitly stated for effects invested into the bond. Or the statement may be more general. I'll have to look for it later.

This cannot be determined from the normal warping rules. A high-level effect designed for the target should normally cause warping as a long-term effect, and a familiar bond is certainly long-term.


I had a good read, but couldn't see this specifically stated.

I had the same question for long time.

It's... wait for it... p168, middle column, 5th paragraph.

No wonder, I kept looking in the familiar rules for this point! Oops!

Ok, so then the familiar bond is the absolute best way for a Magus to improve his characteristic scores. by a CrAnCo spell of obscene level. Excellent.

I don't think so: you can't have more than one bonus from the same kind...

However the familiar bond IS the best for constant spell on yourself! That's absolutely true.

A level 50 PeVi against non ritual mentem, for example, triggered by the familiar is also a good idea to prevent you fall asleep by cheep spell.
A constant "I see in the dark" spell, or a constant "I see details" effect...