Familiars examples

Would people mind describing their familiars, to inspire and constrain a new saga? Species, Might, Int, powers?

Bird Familiar (Nous):
based on the Birds of Rhiannon, 21 seasons from binding
Size -8
Magic Might 25
Intelligence 0

Speaks Langauges: English (5), Welsh (5), Latin (4)
Abilities: Artes Liberales 1 [12 XP], Birdsong 10, Covenanat Lore (personalities) 2 [16 XP], English 5, Finesse (Unseen Arm) 1 [8 XP], Latin 4, Magic Theory (Me) 5 [81 XP], Welsh 5

Personality: It's talkative, voluble, chatty, garulous, bubbly, and a bit repetitive. Also clean and tidy, since he bonded with Neshama.
Bond: Bond Lab Total 55; Gold Cord +4, Silver Cord +1

Power Over Books: A tiny bracelet is attached to Nous's right leg. This is a LED. An unseen arm manipulates materials, as per the Hermetic spell with He and An casting requisites, when Nous utters the command word. The power is not strong enough to lift heavy books, and the delicacy and preciceness of manipulation depends on the user's Finesse. [ReTe(An,He) 15; ReTe 5, +10 levels for unlimited frequency]

Wake the Dead: A dead body will rise up, looking and acting as it did in life. It will continue to be awake as long as the bird sings -- which can be as long as seven years, though that is a terrible hardship on the bird. (A few hours is more common.) The woken dead generally wish to be allowed to sleep again -- the birdsong is not a torment, rather the opposite, but they are tired. This takes one point of Magic might an hour.

Lull the Living to Sleep: A deep peaceful sleep. If the bird sings throughout the night (or time of sleep, whatever it may be), the sleeper wakes fully refreshed and confident. [Specifically, if the sleeper had used Confidence on the previous day, s/he gets one point back.] This is ordinary sleep, not a magical compulsion. This takes one point of Magic Might an hour.

Transform to a Horse: The bird can turn into a beautiful mare, or back into a nightingale. Three Magic points.

Miniature dragon familiar (Arlyn):
(Belongs to a magus with an extremly proud demeanor):
(Just bound this season)

Size: -1 (1 year old, currently grows about 1 size category per year, likely to slow down the growth rate next at age 2).
Magic Might: 30 (Ignem)

Intellegence +3 (still growing due to youth).
Abilities: Magic Theory 1

Personality: Proud, Driven to gather a hoard of valuables (due to the bound, knowledge is considered one of the greatest valuables there is). Somewhat overconfident, and quite childish.
Bound: 60, Gold 1, Bronze 1

Fiery Breath: Init -1, 5 points, intensity +8 (grows as she grows).

Scales of Steel. Turns her scales to hardened steel. Allowing her to add her might to her soak. Unfortunatly it makes her too heavy to fly. Costs 15 points.

She was cursed by demons before hatching, and as a result has a tendancy to loose her temper in a very violent manner.
Her gaze sees through anything - be it illusion or lies. (second sight & piercing gaze).