Fan Grimoire?

No such request has been submitted

Sorry for my quietness, I spent a few weeks on a trip and spent the last week catching up on life. I plan to be more active these coming weeks.

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It's been a quiet time for most of us, and that's fine. I don't want you t feel burnt out, and that's why I let it smolder for a while, and also, real life caught up with me. But I don't want it to die out completely either.

Definitely fair. I still have loading issues with it sometimes due to the size of it. Would be nice if we could organize it by Form to make it more managable.

We are bumping up against the limits of Google Docs for the loading, at least of the history. My 1Gbps loads the doc near instantly but then can take the better part of a minute to pull up the history. Primary reason I stopped reviewing so fast.

Hmm. Would it be possible to break out the next Form into its own doc to review, or is that going to be a big hassle? I figured we should finish up Auram as it is since we're halfway done.

I can break off each Form, sure, but let's finish Auram.
Also, it will get easier as we move forward, since the more Forms we finish, the smaller the file gets. :slight_smile:

I'm through Auram. I think two of us (Troy and me) made it there.

I'm mostly through it and pushing for the last bit - I keep going back and re-reading older stuff for more edits which is slowing me down. How many people are still actively working on this?

I am. Just been restricting myself to commenting since I have gone through so far ahead.

Creo and Intellego Auram are almost done.

I believe the main editors contributing have been raccoonmask, callen, and myself for some time now, with Itzhak chiming in as the senior editor but mostly focused on moving completed spells to the finished document. Others have been making occasional contributions as they have time. [Not trying to call anyone out, just answer raccoonmask's question]

Do you want more contributors?

If you're offering more spells to review, I think the editors have enough spells to edit and review for now.
If you have a good grasp of the spell rules, and want to do editing, we can discuss that.

The latter, noting that there were rather a few more active editors previously.

I am as well interested in reviewing spells - no point in reinventing the wheel if something is already existing. Let me know how this process work.


Send me a private message with your email, and a bit about your experience with the system, and we'll take it from there.

Looks like we are mostly done with Auram and starting group checking Corpus.

I got to the end of Auram, but I have an obsessive urge to go over the entire thing one more time.

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I feel you bro