Fan Rhine Tribunal Map


Has anyone made a fan map of the Rhine Tribunal? I'm aware of the official Rhine Tribunal map, but I'd really like to have something that can be zoomed in more to focus on particular areas or blown up to be a grand campaign map without getting too grainy. I'm kind of hoping someone might have made a map like that, perhaps even a vector map like with Campaign Cartographer. Does such a thing exist?

I'm currently playing in a campaign and we as players would like a map we can print oversize, mount on poster board and mark up with significant locations from our campaign.


This ... 531312&z=5

Was linked on here a few years back (sorry I have forgotten who linked it), and has some covenants marked.


Well, I'm not sure how easy that would be to print but it doesn't have potential for just using as an online map. Thank you.

Goodness. That's a heckuva map.

Should someone enter the covenants from Through the Aegis, or are they not canonical enough?

I found this nice physical map of Germany and I'm using it in my campaign. I drew the rivers myself, so they may not be 100% accurate.

That's closer to what I want. I'd need to add in all the points of interest, though. Thank you!

This is nice.

I like that, though I expect that in period cartographers might be struggling to that accurate.

I marked some points of interest (, but my campaign is set in 790 a.D., and it's therefore a much different situation.