Fan Traslating of the Oath

Hi, i've translated or summarized many play tools of the Game to my groups of game.
I was thinking on write on my blog one tranlation of the oath to Internet coming parties. Is it one abuse?

I am sure the Oath of Hermes is already in the internet. probably in Spanish as well.


Ok, sure you are right, the bad part of this is that 10 months ago i lost many docs and pdfs, so i made one.
I think that i'll write the Covenant Oath on some time... ... llano.html - my little work.

Well, I've translated the Code and the Oath in French too for those interested.

Know what I'd like to see?

A Latin version of the Oath. Because in Mythic Europe that's what they would all swear to uphold isn't it?

(No, I can't do it nor even critique any Latin translation. O-Level was a long, long time ago...)

I write it, but... i was student of Spanish, not latin, but it is a really good idea.



Thanks it's great.

I was just reflecting on this yesterday. Thinking about how 'molestar' in Spanish is much less ...ugly ... than "to molest" in english. So those swearing the oath (or reading the rules) in Spanish are just agreeing not to bother the Fay, rather than abuse them.

Totally different thing to swear off, in my opinion.

Yes, and this is called one false friend. But it still the same idea, because some faeries can be angry because you talk them on some way and another invites you to hunt other faerie or to battle them.

Thank you! Yes, just what I asked for...
About tralating English-Spanish/Spanish-English.

Or the original version:

(Bonus: I get to say that it's legit to put this online.)

Many thanks David.

¡Holas, Mario!

Never seen the Oath in Spanish before you (& boy have I've scried). Was about to translate it myself. Thanks a lot!


Really after i've seen that the Oath didn't change really since the 4th edition (wich is translated to spanish included the Oath), but i translated by my own.