FAO forum admins Re-directing Posts

Hi, sorry if this has been mentioned, but some links and sutff on the forum seem to take me to a spam page for buying pharmaceuticals.

For instance clicking into pages 5 through 7 of the Character ideas thread:


Sends me there, just wondering if anyone else is having this problem or if its just me. I also got it in another thread when I clicked the Ars Magica forum link to go back and a few other times.

For me works everything as it should, so no redirect to strange pages.
But that still don't tell anything about the source of this as it still could be this forum, your computer or somewhere on the way betwean both like your router.

It might be some javascript in the ads, which would redirect only when served the wrong ones.

Yes - this has been going on for a year or so: I can't get to the forums from work some days because the site is seeded with little text ads for illegal pharma (illegal in the sense that we Australians do not have the cheery American disregard for prescriptions when buying medicine online.) Even when you Google Atlas Games, an ad for pharma is often one of the main subheadings in the Google results. For example right now it is:


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Are you using some pre-made code for the website/board ? This behaviour is quite surprising.

If you are using Firefox, i suggest getting noScript extension. Then you can white list or blacklist scripts.

Don't honestly know where the problem is tbh, unfortunately I am stuck running an old version of internet explorer as I mostly browse this forum during eh "breaks" while at work :blush: :stuck_out_tongue:

Still obviously (a) its not just me, but (b) its not a widespread enough issue to be a big problem, so no worries.

Also I'm based in Ireland just so its not seen as an Aussie only issue :wink:

Argh, this is so annoying, I can't go to the second page of the forum, and when I go to the third page and try go back to the first it wont work. (I have to use my bookmark to get back here). grrrr :imp:

EDIT: So weird, this isnt an issue using my home wifi and firefox, so so very weird, but hey at least i can read the forum! (even if I can't skive off work!)

It's doing it for me, too, but only the Ars Magica forum. It comes up when I use Chrome 32.0.1700.76 m, but NOT Firefox. Same page as the poster above (with phentermine ads).

I'd second that. NoScript is not inherently an Ad Blocker, so you can still support a site which has ads - but it is a script blocker for non-whitelisted sites.

An all-too-common attack for the last few years involves a site you know (and trust) getting ads from a broker (who they thought they could trust) but actually the broker gets their ads from anywhere, and include ads-with-scripts. Those scripts are a particularly nasty form of malware, as you pick them up on sites you expect to be clean.
NoScript's first premise is "a script from a domain other than the site you are looking at, is probably bad and should be blocked".

You are doomed :cry:

Have your IT-Guy/Gal run a cleanup on your workstation, chances are there is half a dozen pieces of malware running on it. Really, "old version of IE" is just asking, no, BEGGING for your system to be destroyed. Kill it. WITH FIRE!
Hint: Use a live-cd to do this for realistic odds of success.

If this fails --and it will not, unless your IT refuses to do its job-- try a portable version of Firefox ( http://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox_portable ) if you can't get a decent browser installed on your workstation. I suggest ABP, ghostery and noscript as the barebones minimal plugins.

I just noticed:

When you click on the link for the Ars Magica forum from the main forum page, Chrome takes you to viewforum.php?f=4.

It's the viewforum.php?f=4 page that has the ad on it.

That's the exact same page...

No it isn't.
It is either your chrome-installation that is causing the problem or some url-hijacking malware. I can access the forum just fine with all three browsers I have installed, there's no such ad at all on the page.

There has been a security issue with a couple of addons to chrome very recently. It's likely one of your addons doing that. Deactivate them one by one to see which one is the culprit and then throw it out. Once you found it, file a complaint with google, to have it taken out of the store.

The attack works like this: Some ad-distributer buys the addon from the developer, writes some adware in it, chrome updates the addon. Same attack is used with firefox-addons lately. The addons did not get verified before every update until now, which is likely to change and make things more complicated. All because of some #!*?&§$##1!!1. I start to consider to turn back to w3m. grumbl

Or you could backup your bookmarks, uninstall chrome completly, run ccleaner, spambot S&D, and some antivirus of your choice, reininstall chrome, try with a barebones naked chrome.

hth, fury