Favorite Pop-Up Junctures?

Punching Nazis?

Punching Babylonians?

Punching Socrates?

Punching Jovians?

Punching Qin Shi Huang?

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Why would you want to punch Sokrates?

Anyway, can't say that I've tried out the pop-up junctures and currently I am not even GMing Feng Shui at all. :frowning:

How else are you going to knock the hemlock out of his hand? :smiley:


Yes, I suppose that's true. :wink:

The seventies-plotation era


Non existent ones:

Punching Pleseantville(kinda Wandavision type experience, a place for extremly dangerous timemisplaced beeings)

Punching Alternate Timelines, they worlds that could have been. Now this is a rather endless plethora of possibilities.

Punching Pirates. Seriously, why has this not been implimented?


Ooh, punching pirates! Nice idea! Especially if you've got someone playing the 'Redeemed Pirate' archetype, who can be entirely unimpressed with scurvy knave pirates.

(Alternate timelines would break the metaphysics of the system somewhat, though.)


I also am unclear why I would want to punch So-crates. He is a party dude after all. Punching the Hemlock I can see.

I have done very little with popup junctures. I did a very temporary juncture in feudal Japan. It was there purely to get a few Samurai trapped in the Netherworld.

I have thought that 1960s London might be fun. Yes there is swinging happening on Carnaby Street but this is also the era of the Cray Twins and crime capers. Punching gangsters if you like. You could punch idealistic youths but that just seems mean.


I definitely plan to take my heroes to Hong Kong/Harlem '73. The gangster father of their main gangster enemy started to get active in the 60s, so they're gonna want to track him down in Hong Kong in '73, but they'll find he's traveled to Harlem to try to set up a drug racket. They'll have the chance to take him out in '73 AND burn his feng shui site to make it official!

I'm also adapting the idea of Miami '86 to Hawaii '82 or so, where they'll find the chrono-local Dragons are all beautiful men and women from California who have meetings in the hot tub and blow up helicopters with miniature helicopters. Yes, it's an Andy Sidaris movie juncture!


I feel like my convention series "Time Jester", in which the PCs are support crew and hangers-on to a touring Prog band, needs a final adventure. I'm inspired to do something with a pop-up juncture and have been considering options.

I think there's lots of potential including ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, Arthurian Britain and mythic India.

However I think I will go with the Caribbean in the mythic age of piracy. Plenty of opportunity to swash bucklers, swing on chandeliers and the band can be kept busy jamming shanties down on the docks.

What could go wrong?


Punching Spartans would be delightful. 300? That's nothing. Try one Old Master.


Punching Byzantium: The Drunken Master tricks the Everydude into giving the silkworms back
(or are they both disguised as Nestorian monks for a buddy movie road trip to Cathay, round trip?)


I'm currently running an adventure in Hong Kong 1973. The heroes saved Bruce Lee's daughter from kidnappers and became aware of a plot to stop production of Enter the Dragon! They met Lee at Golden Harvest Studios (and blew his mind by demonstrating magic spells and cell phones and ninjutsu), and now they're battling a Hong Kong gangster and an Ascended who just reverted back to a giant snake, at the same time trying to stop ninjas from setting off a bomb at Golden Harvest. It's been a blast!


BTW they prevented the Hong Kong gangster from having Bruce Lee killed and saved his life, and in tonight's session they're visiting 80-year-old Bruce Lee at his home in Hong Kong. :slight_smile:


That's very, very cool!

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It has now evolved that the Dragons are friends with 80-year-old Bruce in Hong Kong, and they just rescued his granddaughter from joining a demonic cult which was channeling chi to Ming I, Queen of the Darkness Pagoda, through an influential cult leader possessed by an ancient pain demon!

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Have you seen the Warrior series on Cinemax?(I think it's moving to HBO Max, or may have already arrived there.)

Completely unrelated, really, but thinking about cool Bruce Lee stuff made me think of it!

I haven't watched it yet! I totally need to watch that.

Bruce Lee and his family have become recurring supporting characters in our game, which has made it fun to speculate about movies he would have made had he survived.

Bruce begged the heroes not to seek out 1991's "Dragon Virus", an early virtual-reality thriller where he co-starred with Christian Slater as a cop tracking down a criminal in "cyberspace".

Meanwhile, Bruce's granddaughter has been flirting with one of the heroes, and she ended up in the Netherworld as a result of a Harsh Switcheroo while she was hypnotized by a demonic cult leader. So now she's immune to future lateral shifts, but her family is not!

It's been a lot of fun. I had honestly intended to run a Harlem 1973 Pop-Up Juncture, but when they heard 1973, the players really wanted to save Bruce's life, so I was happy to oblige!


I'm now wishing 'Dragon Virus' existed, because I would definitely want to get hold of a copy of that!