Fédora (development)

So, either a +5 Soak vs. wood or metal, or a +5 Defence Bonus likewise? Okay, I'll think about it and see which feels righter.

I have to ask... Is "Fedora" the "Redcap" a linux reference?

Um...no, it's a hat reference?


redhat.com/resourcelibrary/a ... ce-evolved

Hunh. I guess that my "something I learned today" for the day. But I meant the literal hat.

I'm overthinking, again, aren't I? :smiley:

Added Christmas stuff: 1 Confidence point, 1 pawn Aquam vis. Too young for Aging rolls.

Something that occured to me while poking over the wiki.

According to the rules for Wards against mundane substances, her Bracelet Proof against Steel should provide a a base soak bonus of +05, not total immunity. You could drop range to touch and upgrade duration to Sun, twice per day. This would ward you against any and all metal for +05 soak for the effect's duration.

Yet, it seems what you want instead is a variant on "Repel the Wooden Shafts", but for metal weapons? In which case, this is different, and, IMHO, you should use the lower Base 2 guideline (keep earth away from you, under your conscious control") and apply similar rules to Repel the Wooden Shaft (it affects one weapon, you must be conscious of it, the attack fails, blah blah blah). The upside is that you gain 3 magnitudes, that you could use to upgrade another enchantment. The downside are obvious, like for RtwS.

Hum... Likewise, it seems to me your Red Cap of Warmth uses the wrong guideline, since, as I read it, its purpose is to keep you warm, period. IMO, it should use CrIg base 2 (heat an object to be warm to the touch) on you. This saves 2 magnitudes, so, for exemple, you can put the duration to Concentration (-1), give it 50 uses per day (+1), which allows you to keep you and about 25 person warm 24/24, and still save 2 magnitudes to upgrade another enchantment. Like, having your bracelet proof against still give +15 soak against any and all metal for Sun duration, twice per day. Or you could combine this with the "repel" variant to have 5 extra magnitudes of enchantments :smiley:

Oh, and as I see it, your boots of the march also eliminate wound penalties, not just fatigue. In fact, IIRC, this is exactly how the Tireless Flight works.

That is what was basing the bracelet on, yes. Would keeping it at the higher magnitude allow her to deflect all metal-based attacks that she's aware of in a given round, or all such attacks period? (I think I would prefer the former, as that has a more cinematic feel, of Fédora yelling "Vy propustili!" every round, with everyone missing somehow, only to be brought low by a knife in the back.)

Can a device maintain 50 separate effects at Concentration?

As I understand it, "Deflect the Wooden Shafts" targets an individual item made of metal. Specifically, it is not a ward. Problem is, to target something with it, you need to be aware of it, so using the higher magnitude is useless.
Hum... OK, let's map this out, possibilities as I see them:

  • Base 5, +2 metal, range: touch, ward: Gives you + 05 soak against all metal-based attacks for the duration, whether you're aware of them or not. Think "magical armor"
  • Base 2, +2 metal, range: Touch, Ward: Same thing, but it only works against all attacks you're aware of. Think "magical shield".
  • Base 2, +2 metal, range: Voice: As "Deflect the wooden shaft", but with one metal attack. You seize his weapon and move it away.
  • Base 5, +2 metal, range: Voice: As above: the need to target a specific attack means the base 05 brings nothing more.

For what it's worth, I'm not a great fan of limitless defenses or attacks. The idea that one could easily deflect the death star if it fell upon him is, IMO, "meh", just like the fact that, with a good enough stress roll, a grog can rip Fenrir in two with its base hands :unamused:.

IIRC, it isn't forbidden. Of course, this may simply be an omission. But I can't see why not, from a game balance viewpoint.

Let's assume 2 similar effects, one with Sun duration, the other in which the item maintains concentration, the two of them being cast 50 times per day.
In both case, duration add either +10 levels or +05 + 05 levels. So the 2 items will be equally hard to make.

  • Effects cast by the first item will last at most until sunrise/sunset, although the item wielder may, by concentrating, be able to keep a few of them going. If the item is destroyed, they all expire at once.
  • Effects cast by the second item last until sunrise/sunset.

So, a not-so-random question.

A Redcap has to spend two seasons of service, and has two seasons "free" to do other things.

Since Andorra does not, technically, belong to a Tribunal (neither Iberia, Normandy, nor Provençal), who determines Fédora's service? Or, perhaps more accurately, who does she render service to? Normally, it would be (I think) the Tribunal, delivering messages.

Would she perform service to the House as a whole, going from one Tribunal to another (even far-flung Tribunals such as Novgorod or Loch Leglean)? Would she serve each neighboring Tribunal in turn?

(And this would probably go for Tiana, as well, I would think.)

Tiana is the property of the Milvini Antiquiti. Her seasons of service are spent illicitly memorizing books and then regurgitating them for Harco.

(It seems odd that you can memorize an entire text well enough to reproduce it perfectly, yet not actually gain any insight from studying it. Oh well.)

Right now, your service seasons have probably been cataloging and indexing the contents of the Mercere Vault. There is an entire chess set of vis in here. And backup copies of records going back hundreds of years. And several items useful for the identification, measurement, and transfer of vis. And a few items concerning transportation and communication. Other than that, your job is to organize and manage the lodge. Even after the attack, about a half dozen or more Redcaps pass through here every year. They exchange message bundles, deposit and withdraw vis, collect needed items, drop off and pick up packages, spend a season relaxing, copy books, etcetera.
Tiana is up to much the same thing.
What [strike]Laverne & Shirley[/strike] Fedora and Tiana do next depends on the Proposal Fedora writes up for the Redcap Council. If you keep your agreements, or at least word them in your proposal, then you can otherwise shape things as you will. I, Markoko, would feel better if you got some hard silver for rent on top of it all. But whatever.
Your in like Flynn. Write a good proposal, don't screw yourself, but don't go over the top and turn your allies away from your side.

The records I mentioned. She is probably memorizing and copying the backup records and making new copies.

Why make new copies? She can just memorize them, and if we ever lose the originals, she can produce a copy then. There's no time limit on it :slight_smile:

How long do you think it would take for you to memorize the entirety of the record? What do you reckon is kept here?

It takes one season to memorize a summa perfectly with Mythic Mimicry. Not all books are the same length, but at least it keeps things simple.

So, Vulcanus and Fédora haven't been laying idle during the fast-forward years. (I mean, they've been laying, but not exactly idle, ifyouknowwhatImean.)

(I used the Pregnancy and Conception article from Sub Rosa #11, pp. 16-19, for this)

In Winter of 1231, they have their first child together, a boy named Velund. An easy delivery which barely fazed Fédora. Looks much like his father, with blond hair and blue eyes.

In Spring of 1232, they have a daughter named Katerina, with green eyes and blonde hair. This was a rougher delivery, 13 hours, with two Long-Term Fatigue levels and a Medium Wound (I botched one of the Deprivation rolls).

In the Winter of 1234, she is great with child once more, due in the Spring.

Holy Schnikes!!!!!

[color=blue]"When my husband sets his mind to a task," Fédora says with a smirk, [color=blue]"he performs that task very well."

And in a related vein. Fédora and Vulcanus have been married for three and a half years now, have shared a bed almost every night (except for a handful when they had a bit of a row), and have gotten to know and care for each other more than Fédora had expected, or thought possible, or even wanted when they first wed.

I'm thinking it's time she got over Saam (Minor Flaw, Lost Love) and got her smile back. How does one do that? Would it require a story, or just a wave of the hand, or would it have to be replaced by something else?