Feed the planet!

Who knows... maybe it all contains mind-control drugs, maybe a lethal toxin, maybe it's a PR ploy so noone notices the gravedigging, maybe you're a genuinely nice mad scientist. Maybe it's community service after that last undead giant slug thing went awry. However it is, you're trying to feed the planet.

You may use pinecones, belt buckles, feathers, monkey puppets, and braces.

So, what I do is this:

I decorate the pinecones with tinsel and hang them on a tree in the house of the best and sweetest little girl I can find.

Then when Santa comes, my PuppetMonkeyBots capture him and tie him up, using the braces.

Then I take Bob Geldof's address from the Nice list, and I send my PuppetMonkeyBots to capture him.

Then I clone him. I also clone the little girl.

Then I use the Naughty and Nice lists, which contain everyone (including Michelle...who I blackmail with the contents of the list.) and I give each of them a big chunk of Bob Geldof. Feed the world -now- Bob! Mwahahahaha.

Then I give out bits of the girl, who is made of sugar and spice and all things nice, as a dessert.

You win by de fault.

And for getting three assignments completed in such a short time, I'm temporarily giving you TA role. You get to make and grade the next assignment. :smiling_imp: