Felix' Wake

Getting back to Triamore is more muddy than dangerous. Temperatures rise filling the landscape with the whisper of melting snow and the sucking sounds of cartwheels on dirt roads.
By the time you get there, Tabanus is in a foul mood and always wearing his hood up. Animus has come to realize that asses ears are growing on his head - the damage seems to be of a cosmetical nature though.

In the basement of Triamore, you unfreeze Felix corpse. Your spells confirm that this is indeed Felix and that he was killed by animals, maybe the very wolves you fought. Then Tabanus, still hooded, steps forward and commands the corpse to speak.
So he sits up in the middle of your torch-lit circle, spits out some maggots and looks around, clearly in pain:

"Purgatory, or is this hell? No peace I know in death. You are magi, do not torment me though, but give me a prper Christian burial", ashenly the dead body whispers.

(If I understand the spell correctly we can hear the corpse speaking but not speak to him directly, only the caster can so I'll ask Tabanus to speak for me)

Hildegarde makes a cross sign on her chest and mutters a prayer in latin as the corpse spits out maggots and turns to Tabanus "Can you reassure him, we're going to give him a burial as soon as this is finished. He's in pain let's make it fast, Ask him who killed him and who he met in the forest"

(ooc: I varied the spell. Must be Tabanus spell sigil or something. It's more fun this way)

(ooc : alright you can make Felix answer me so i realize it's a variant of the spell)

(Don't want to stack too many questions, so I'm waiting for the first answers before asking more.)

Tabanus looks up, irritated: "Of course, we do!", he says disapprovingly.
He turns back to the ghost: "We have traveled far to save your soul. We promise we will lay you to rest. Speak quickly therefore."
The ghost moans and tells you: "We arrived at the fairie court, just as promised, but alas, they senta wolf against me, as some test I think, and the beast slew me." What is left of Felix picks a maggot from behind his left ear (the right one is missing), looks at it balefully and flicks it away.

"You said 'we'. Who was with you? Animus asks, trying to keep things simple and focused for the dead redcap.

Felix groans and vomits some bileous substance (with white dots - you guessed it - maggots).
"Ursus ex Bjornaer was my companion. I thought I was safe with a bear shifter. (wheezing cackle that stops abruptly. More maggots). He didn't join the fight for the quest was mine. (his voice fades to a raw whisper). I didn't make it though. I died, my Gift unrestored."
Just when you think he's finished, he angrily bites down on a maggot, juice squirting on Animus' asine ears.
"End it! End my torment!"

(ooc after 3 day I assume the others don't have questions to ask, asking for the objects he was carrying is probably a good idea but I don't see Hildegarde watching the poor guy suffer longer)
Obviously touched by the pain of the mercere in his afterlife she asks Tabanus, almost begging "Alright we have a name and a description, let him rest Tabanus. Let's get the priest and bury him. He suffered too much already."

(Agreed. We got a name, which is all we really wanted. This has dragged on too long already.)

As the spell is ended Felix facial features melt into an expression of relief. The body is given to the steward, and from later comment you can deduce that the priest was reluctant to help at first, but a new church door was enough to relax the opposition and even secure him a grave on consecrated ground in a nearby village.

Dwarfed by God's power you stand at the grave for the final farewell.

Some questions remain unresolved: Who is Ursus ex Bjornaer? Why did he lure Felix to his death? Why did he assume his form and invite your characters to Triamore?

As you write some letters to shed light on the matter as you resume your research projects and slowly get used to living at Triamore, you realize that Ursus is an elusive figure indeed. He has not been seen at the last three Tribunals, and his House is tight-lipped about him. On the other hand sight, he has found you a place to stay and that's a good thing, isn't it?