Feng Shui 2 new gamer's first RPG experience!

My friends and I were talking about our Feng Shui 2 game at a party this weekend. Another friend's 10-year-old daughter asked what TV show we were talking about, and we told her it was a roleplaying game. She asked for more details.

We showed her the Archetype sheets got from the FS2 Kickstarter and her eyes went wide as she paged through them. "I WANT TO PLAY THIS!"

She narrowed it down to the Ghost, the Supernatural Creature, or the Gambler. When we started to play she was a Supernatural Creature who had "flaming red hair, one donkey leg and one bronze leg" (don't ask me!) who was on a quest for the "hoop earrings of legend".

I improv'ed a little scenario with her and a 7-foot tall Cyborg. They needed to get into a Hong Kong nightclub to track down the gang boss who had the magical hoop earrings.

She decided she had a power which could cause an illusion to make the 7-foot tall Cyborg "look like Justin Timberlake"! He went along with and they tried to get into the club. I was going to let them just walk in, but she also decided she had a Hypnosis power so I gave her a "Hypnosis" skill at 13. She rolled a check to try to hypnotize the bouncer, rolled Boxcars and an Action Result of ZERO... so it didn't go well :slight_smile:

Turns out the bouncer had magical protection against hypnotism and his eyes started to glow and he turned everyone waiting behind the velvet rope into a monster to attack the heroes. A big fight ensued with the Cyborg on the dancefloor fighting mooks and the bouncer, while the DJ played "Harlem Shake" and some other thematically-appropriate songs (chosen by our new player).

The Supernatural Creature ended up on the second floor fighting a lady gang boss for control of the magical hoop earrings... I've run a lot of games of FS2 over the last year since the beta rules came out, and this may have been the session which best NAILED the Feng Shui 2 style. Our friend's daughter was incredibly imaginative and had loads of great ideas for the fights, and she had a great time!

She then asked me about how to run the game, so I sent her home with a copy of the rulebook and some of my pre-made play aids. Can't wait to find out if she ends up playing more :slight_smile:

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This is the best. Thank you for sharing!

I love stories like this. So many gamers out there think you have to be a Hong Kong movie fan or have been at least a fan of FS1 & that's just not true. GMs need to show the book to people, show the cool-ass looking archtypes & be ready for them to jump on board :slight_smile:


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Totally--her parents were around and very enthusiastic about the whole thing, or I might not have jumped in to play a game based on ultra-violent HK movies with a 10-year-old. :slight_smile:

She surprised me by actually knowing what "feng shui" is, and she had lots of ideas about demons, monsters, etc, but I don't think she's ever seen a Hong Kong movie in her life! She just has a great imagination and sense of fun!

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Loved this!