Feng Shui 2 pdf update

I got the email yesterday about the updated pdf at drivethru but now there seem to be two files. I've downloaded both of them but can't see any difference apart from the titles. Does anyone know if there is any difference at all aside from the titles?

No idea, I had a quick read through it but didn't spot anything obvious.

AG4020_FS2_v1.2.pdf is the one you want.

Sorry about the email spam.

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Cool, thanks Cam :smiley:


Did you have somewhere a list of the modifications you've implemented in this updated version of FS2 ?
It's just to know where to concentrate my reading.


Errata is currently being compiled and will appear here: atlas-games.com/fengshui/fengshui2errata.php

Right now, this has the archetype sheet errata. Version 1.3 corrections will be posted there next week.

I still only see the archetype sheet corrections on the errata page. Are we to expect a version 1.3 PDF to be released as well?