Feng Shui 2 Shot Counter from KS

Hey all at Atlas games, any chance you all may be producing & selling the Shot Counter & tokens set that was offered in the KS campaign for us who didn't have enough cash at the time to pledge for it? :slight_smile:

I would pay cash money for either the printed boards or even a downloadable PDF so I can build my own.


If you've got the PDF of the book, you could print out the shot counter from there and mount it on cardboard ...

I also have Playmats available which have a shot counter printed onto the center of them, which can work nicely. It's not as cool as the card shot counter though :slight_smile:

Alas, we never produced enough to make them suitable for retail distribution or even direct sale. They're pretty awesome, I do have to admit, though.

You could always put a pdf of the counters & tokens on Drive Thru RPG & have us fans could cut & paste them together :slight_smile:

I'd pay money for the pdf - seriously :slight_smile:


Seriously I want to second or third or fourth this idea. I was at OrcaCon in Everett, Washington this last weekend. I played a lot of great games, but the Feng Shui 2 game I played was amazing. Gawd! It was fun! After the game, I went right over to the vendor's room and bought the book. After pay day rolls around, I'm going to buy some of the PDF's. The GM running the game, had the shot counter and tokens, and I would seriously buy those if they were available. Just saying.

Great game. Sorry I missed the KS.


Hi Keith,

Actually, my friend and I were the ones running the Feng Shui games at Orca Con. The shot counter playmat we were using was built from one posted in the following thread:

I edited the text a bit in Acrobat (I found a few typos and bolded all of the text in a slightly larger font for improved visibility), found a different photo of the Hong Kong skyline, turned it all into a JPG file, and had Inked Gaming print it on one of their Two-Player playmats for $45. It turned out great.

Here is a Dropbox link to that JPG file:
dropbox.com/sh/e3zv45san56y ... b_Lia?dl=0

The tokens I was using were just small poker chips (which I found at Half Price Books), where I used .5" labels I bought on Amazon:
amazon.com/gp/product/B012AE ... ge_o03_s00

The photos on the labels were all just images pulled off of Google searches.

Mike Brislawn

One: Thank you to you and your friends for a great game! I played lots of great games at OrcaCon, but the Feng Shui game was my favorite.

Two: Thanks for the info on how you got those cool toys for your game. I'm investigating those options now!