Feng Shui 2 stat advancement

Hello everyone! I just got Feng Shui 2 and I am LOVING IT! So far I've read through quite a bit and have enjoyed it quite thoroughly, and cannot wait to play it. That said, I did find one thing that I found quite weird, and I wanted to ask what other people thought about it.

The rule is that you can't raise a stat if it is already higher than that of another player character. I mean, does that apply to all primary attack attributes? So can my sorcerer not raise his sorcery until the killer raises his gun skill? And what if someone is playing a more specialist character, and the others are more jack-of-all-trades types? I am just curious as to what other people think, as I can kinda see the arguments for both sides, but hearing other opinions is always helpful.

As I understand it, the rules as presented aim for homogenity among the group's stats.
So, yes, if your Sorcerer has Sorcery 15 and all others have their main attack at 14 or lower, you can't raise that stat. There is no in-world explanation for this. It just makes it easier for the GM to design fights that are equally challenging for all participants.
If somebody has the highest stat, he already is "The Specialist" in that group and should give his jacks-of-all-trades-friends a chance to catch up. I think it's a nice little mechanic for a level playing field, that you can scrap if you feel that it breaks the game for that player. But "the needs of many outweigh the needs of the few". :wink:
As rare as stat advancements are, I'm pretty sure that this won't be a problem in my groups.