Feng Shui 2 Subscription Questions/News

Here at Atlas Games, we have lots of ideas on ways to continue deepening and developing the Feng Shui 2 line, especially through adventures and sourcebooks. However, it can be challenging to find a way to produce them in a way that ensures their quality, speedy development, and profitability.

Given all the new market uncertainties of 2020, we have decided to try offering our new and upcoming Feng Shui 2 supplements as a pay-on-delivery subscription. We hope this model will let us get you more excellent material, faster. We think we can do this by:

  • Creating focused, action-packed supplements that are easy to drop into your campaign or play as a one-shot. (Developing a multi-scenario book takes more development, writing, playtesting, and proofreading time than doing a burst of shorter books.)
  • Eliminating the ten- to fourteen-month sales analysis period to speed up the release process. (Usually, we wait to see if a book was a success before we greenlight the next one.)
  • Reducing the risk of printing too many books or spending too many resources on a product that flops by ensuring we have people interested before we produce it. (Even our best estimates are just that: estimates.)

Feng Shui 2 subscribers get free, early access to each supplement's PDF when the files head to the printer, and 10% off the retail price of each book. We're working to add more perks to the program, too.

You can learn more about the program here. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments!



I don't seem to be able to subscribe for Physical - no matter which options I select, my cart is updated with the same PDF-Only SKU. Is that intended, or is something kind of strange happening? It happens in both Firefox and Chrome on my home desktop.

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It happened for me as well. I assume that only US subscribers can get the physical product.

You should be able to do it and, double-checking, I can see other international customers have successfully signed up for PDF + Physical subscriptions.

We did have one US customer say that they noticed they'd accidentally selected PDF-only and had to go back into their account and change it. If reloading doesn't work around the bug, it's possible that signing up for the PDF subscription and then going back into your account to change it to the PDF+Print will work.

If you're still having problems, please let me know.

We believe we've tracked down this bug. You should now be able to do a PDF+Physical subscription without any problems.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

This is awesome! Subscribed. :slight_smile:

(I'm in the UK, managed to subscribe to physical books no hassle).



We've identified a subscription app glitch wherein non-US customers are unable to enter their region, as the list of choices lists only US States. Here's the workaround: Select something else (like "Military oversees - Europe") then once you set up the subscription go in and change it to the correct region. We have a help ticket in with the app developer, as it seems like it's not something we can fix on our end. Sorry for the trouble, everyone!

[UPDATE: The country region bug has been fixed, says the app developer.]

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This looks like it could be interesting!

Out of curiosity, how will the PDFs be delivered? Will they be sent by email, added to DrivethruRPG accounts, downloaded by link to an Atlas Games page, or something else?

The PDFs will be delivered through the Atlas Games page.

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Thanks for the confirmation, Justin!

Yes, likely via our site's normal shop interface, which is Shopify. So we'll have the ability to send updates and you can re-download when needed.

-Michelle Nephew

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Excellent news. Thanks Michelle!

EDITED: It was nothing.

Hey all - is there anyway we can find out where this service stands in that how many subscription have there been so far? Will you all be making an update when it hits 350?

thanx :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, Jefferson! We've added a progress bar to the sales page, but I'm happy to tell you we have 160 subscribers out of the necessary 350. There are still two months to go, so be sure to let any FS2-playing friends know.

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Only 160! :wink:

That's pretty good for a week or so I'd think.

Time to inform the mates......

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Hmm, is there be a choice in the number of products I want to support? From reading the blurbs there is one I am not interested in at all.

You can suspend your subscription/opt-out for any specific book that doesn't suit you (or of course cancel the whole subscription at will).

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Thanks, after a couple of chats with other Feng Shui fans that were around. They mentioned it was an option.

I am now signed up.

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I just signed up for physical + PDF. I'm looking forward to more Feng Shui 2!