Feng Shui 2 Supplements - Playmats, GMC Sheets

Hi folks! It's been a while so I thought I would share some supplements I've made for my 5+-year campaign of Feng Shui 2.

Here's the download link: Dropbox - Feng Shui 2 Supplements 2015-08-15 2.6.zip - Simplify your life

Feng Shui 2 Supplements

by Isaac Priestley

Feng Shui 2 by Robin D. Laws
Published by Atlas Games

These are some supplements I have made which help me in running my Feng Shui 2 game.

On the table I use the Playmat for whichever juncture we are spending time in for this session. It works as a shot counter as well as a quick reference.

I also have a couple of copies of the Action Guide available for me and my players, for more quick reference.

The players each have the Editable Character Sheet for their archetype. It's an editable PDF so as they advance in schticks, stats, skills or gear, the file can be edited to stay up to date.

The Vehicle Sheet is used as a quick reference for vehicle chases as well as keeping track of your vehicle's stats.

Finally, the GMC Sheet is something I prepare ahead of time, editing the PDF to add stats for the main Mooks, Featured Foes and Bosses the heroes will be facing this session.

If you like any of these materials feel free to contact me at progressions@gmail.com. Thanks!

Version 2.6 2015-08-17

Action Guide: Moved some content around to make it easier to find things. Highlighted box for Advancements section.

Playmats: They're in their own directory now.

  • Action Guide 2015-08-15 2.6.pdf
  • archetypes 1.2
  • Feng Shui 2 Editable Character Sheet 2015-02-25 1.2.pdf
  • Shot Counter 2015-03-15 1.1.pdf
  • GMC Sheet 2015-07-27 1.0.pdf
  • Vehicle Sheet 2015-07-19 1.1.pdf
  • Playmats/Playmat Ancient 2015-08-15 0.8.pdf
  • Playmats/Playmat Future 2015-08-15 0.8.pdf
  • Playmats/Playmat Past 2015-08-15 0.8.pdf
  • Playmats/Playmat Contemporary 2015-08-15 0.8.pdf
  • Playmats/Playmat Netherworld 2015-08-15 0.8.pdf