Feng Shui - 2nd printing

I just bought the Feng Shui 2 book through atlas but shipped by amazon; will I still get the 2nd print version by doing that ? Also should I buy the pdf on dtrpg to get the errata updates or can I do it from atlas and still get those updates ?

Welcome to Ars Magica!

I don't think, that there are still many 1st printing books of Ars Magica 5th edition around for sale.

But in any case the errata document on the Atlas website covers both first and second pritnting, and is free.

I meant feng shui 2. I’ll update my post.

I should have seen that it was in the Feng Shui folder - but didn't. Sorry!

It was version 2.0. I also bought the pdf on DTRPG for any updates. This is my favorite RPG #Geeked lol.

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