Feng Shui Archtype Creation

ok so here is my draft character gen rules:

They have the following caveats :

-I want lower spread of attack / defense. i think the current spread of 12 to 16 is broken and can create unbalance in my experience. I have included ways for higher end of play as we all like to be a little bit over powered once in a while.
-I'm not sure about the Cap atm.. needs play testing

Base Stats

Choose base power type -

  • Creature Powers
  • Cyber
  • Guns
  • Martial Arts
  • Mutant
  • Sorcery
  • Supernatural
  • Transformed

Attack and Defense - the GM states what type of campaign they are running, the default is obviously standard

|Campaign Type|Min|Starting|Max|Cap|
|Low Powered|11|12|13|16|
|High Powered|13|14|15|20|

total of 21 to spread
Speed (max 9 min 5)
Toughness (max 12 min 4)
Fortune (max 10 min 5)

Talents - get 6 only in the power type(s) chosen

Skill points 5, increase after the base, point for point (Max 15 min 10)

  • Skills start at 12
  • Info skills 15

Wealth - starts at working stiff (poor, working stiff, rich)

Reductions/ Flaws (each grant 1 bonus point)

  • Losing 2 Talents
  • Taking a Flaw - can only be taken once
  • Reducing Attack or Defense by one
  • Losing 2 skill points (and then 3 skill points for a second point)
  • Dropping wealth level

Additional bonus points - start with 0, they must be bought with Reductions/flaws

  • Additional power type (starts at 12) - cost 2 points
  • Additional 2 Skill points - cost 1 point
  • Additional Talent - cost 1 point
  • Increase Attack or defense by one - cost 1 point
  • Increase Speed, Toughness or Fortune by one - cost 1 point
  • Increase Wealth - cost 1 point

Bonuses do not stack. So a +1 to Martial Arts and a +2 to Martial Arts is just a +2. Likewise a +1 to Damage and a +4 to damage is just a +4 to damage.
Also no bonus can bring you over the Cap for the Campaign type, dodging, fortune and boost do not count towards this. These are bonuses prior to die rolling, boosts or fortune