Feng Shui - Consumer Alert! [2-5 Players]

Campaign Title: Consumer Alert!
System: Feng Shui - 2056 Juncture
Players Wanted: 2-5 players needed.

Posting Rate: I will be posting 3 times a week. Monday night, Thursday night, and once each weekend. I expect players to post at least twice each week.

Combat Rules: Blow-by-Blow combat - in turn, in sequence.
Dice-Rolling Rules: I will roll for players, but am open to suggestions.
Advancement Rules: Advancement will occur after each "Mission." By-the-book advancement.
Special Rules: None at this time.

Deadline: I would like to have all characters by February 18 2008. Late joiners will be accepted after each mission.
Character Creation: By-the-book and all books are fair game (be patient with me if using Glimpse it's still in the mail). Please build from the 2056 juncture. You are going to be drafted to be a special Buro team. Yes... Buro. Drafting will happen as the first Act.

Campaign details: It is the year 2086. Buy Flourocane! Now with 30% more Flouride. Keep your teeth happy with Flourocane! Available at all retailers. The future is exactly the way the Buro wants it. There are no problems that the Buro cannot handle. MegaCorp wants You! Be part of the best Corporation in the World! See the world from a new light. The MegaCorp Light! Consumers are now being accepted for active duty. Home applications are encouraged.

Secret War details: The Netherworld has been closed for the last 15 years. The Time War has continued quietly. Buro officers have been eliminating opposing agents as best as possible. Jammer operations have proven to destabilize the region. Texas has continued to be a thorn in the lives of the Buro and has gained momentum during the Netherworld Closure. Other factions have gone to ground the best possible, hoping the Netherworld will be open again to get back home.

More details on Combat...

So that players will be coming up with their own stunts - each player will receive a sequence of 20 rolls - one for each... uh... sequence. Depending on what the shot-counter is, that'll be your roll during that shot.

Sure this means a player will know that shot 12 gives them a +7 result. I'm okay with that. As players you're the stars of the game, and should act like it too. There will likely be strings of negative numbers - and if your character chooses to take aim so they don't "waste" a shot, then that's fine by me.

One of the things I don't want to see in combat is "I shoot the mook." This is boring for us both. Throw a stunt in and take a few out. It's better for everyone that way.

I do want to see creative license exercised. Come up with a fun set of stunts and actions that will make people go "wow." I'll throw in XP for the best moment in a combat for each "session."

Until Thursday,
Still looking for players,

Still waiting till my copy of Seed of the New Flesh arrives in the mail, otherwise I'd join right in. That said, advancing things a few decades on the Buro end was a very nice touch, as 2008 and 2056 have only about 48 years of difference in between.

Hi Rob,

Don't worry about not having your copy of "Seed." I'll list off the book's archetypes in a PM for you tomorrow. The rest of the info within will only add to your knowledge of future-history. There are a few interesting shifts which will be explored as part of the campaign, so "history" is still fluid.

Hopefully you'll be on-board.


Glimpse arrived Friday.

I've been reading, and it's fair game.


Player/Character submissions will close at the end of Feb 24. If there is not enough interest to begin, it will be scrapped.

First Posts will begin the week of Feb 25th. A scene will be devoted to each player to introduce their character to the setting and to the induction process.

That is all,

Due to a lack of interest - this game has been postponed. I will revisit the idea of running this game in the future. If you are an interested player later down the line, don't hesitate to PM me.

That is all,

. . . I'm interested in playing. Let me know.