Feng Shui sites and introducing them to characters

All of my players’ characters are currently clueless to the secret war, how do people generally present and introduce the idea of a feng shui site, the value of it, that others will vie for it, and that the place they are currently in might be one?

I’ve attempted to have npc’s hint at their existence, I’ve had characters feel ‘strange and more powerful’ while in one but each time the players have ignored any suggestion of available exposition.

While I’m ok with a spy oriented or quest structured game (I’ve read ‘Friends of the Dragon’), one of the characters knows that they’re not of this time (but unaware of their former life).

A few approaches I've used:

  1. Have a mentor figure appear and coach them through their first attunement. This could be any geomancer; a ghost who has been protecting the site and believes the PCs are good people who can take up the charge so that their weary spirit can rest; someone basically saying, "It's dangerous out there! Here, let me show you how you can power up."; etc.

  2. They discover a description of the ritual. This might be bricked up in the wall of the abandoned shrine which is now their HQ; the result of research into the history of a haunted house; secrets papers stolen from the Ascended conspiracy; etc.

  3. Accidentally getting zapped by attunement ritual. This is a little harder to justify if you go strictly by RAW, but I had a group basically stumble into a site in the middle of a mass-attunement ritual and they got accidentally included by virtue of being there. "What the hell was that?!" then motivated them to figure out what had happened to them.