Feng Shui & The Boondock Saints

Hey folks,

I'm new to these forums, but not new to Feng Shui. I've used the system to run home brew campaigns based on John Woos movies.

My current idea is to run a Boondock Saints -inspired campaign using miniatures (15 mm from Rebel Minis are ideal). One system choice would be Feng Shui. I know it might be blasphemy to run minis with such a high-flying action game but I think there are ways to work around that issue. Besides the minis, the setting and story of the movie would suit the system pretty well in my opinion. I need to come up with movement and stunt mechanics when using playing pieces and maps, but I don't think it's an impossible task. From what I remember, handling guns and combat in the game is straightforward and simple, and you get to count bullets too (I'm detail-oriented).

The system itself is simple enough to run a fast game, but has cool little details and special powers for the characters to keep things interesting for at least a few sessions of a campaign. Few stats and a couple of tweaks and you've got a character ready. Very similar to most miniatures skirmish games. It has some skills to allow for some role playing in between missions when gathering information and looking for new contacts and such.

For added grit, coming up with some sort of wounding table for those situations when mooks or named characters roll exceptionally well, so instead of dropping dead the characters receive some sort of impairment but are able to continue fighting then or later (finger shot off, lose use of arm or leg, get knocked out). It would suit the violent but heroic nature of the movie.

Sound doable, or am I missing something?