fertility creo vs. rego

Non ritual creo spells can accelerate growth to maturity, but the major limit in magical force farming is that seeds cannot be created with creo unless done ritually. What I am wondering is if a ReHe spell can be used to pollinate plants, or a ReAn to bring about conception of a foal/cub/animal baby by bring together the necessary components from the parent plants or animals?

ReHe to pollinate in ME probably has a lot to do with when folks learned to hand-pollinate. I know a while ago I found out tree and plant grafts were definitely older technology than I had assumed so I wouldn't be surprised if this was something some folks knew back then.


With Animal Rego could likely be be used to induce heat or estrus in a female animal. I think this might fall under change their state in the same manner Rego is used to put an animal to sleep.

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Could you elaborate on the seeds thing?

I don't recall where it is, but essentially to cause a tree to reproduce, or produce seeds, would be to create a new plant as opposed to just bringing it to maturity. On the other hand the process by which plants and animals (and people) generate offspring is a fairly routine procedure that should be able to be influenced by rego...
if the process is understood. In principal it might require a ReAn (bees) to polinate plants instead of ReHe... or just might require two plants brought to maturity in the same area...

I have found that 1750 is when it was first realized what role bees play in pollination (so plant reproduction through ReAn is out). Rudolf Jakob Camerarius- the scientist who discovered the process of pollination, was born in 1665, leaving the question of where medieval people of the 13th century believed seeds came from if not a process of natural maturation.
Though the fact that semen was referenced to as a man's "seed" suggests a belief in a much more directly organic form of reproduction in which planting a seed in the ground was equivalent to planting a man's seed in a woman- by which theory any plant should be able to be made to produce seeds naturally.