Festival of the Damned (is Escarus that scary?)


I just put my hand on a copie of Festival of the damned (the anniversary Edition). The adventure looks great, it offer a lot of saga opportunity in the aftermath. I also have a copie of ROP: The Infernal. I'm just wondering how to translate Escarus (the mighty Demon of the seven deadly sins) from 4ed to 5ed stat. I mean, he can't really got an infernal might of 90 according to editions stats? Or maybe he can, and then my players are gonna wet their pants when they meet him.

So i'm wondering... Anyone adapted Escarus from 4 to 5ed? Any suggestion to help me do so?

And if any of you have a suggestion toward playing festival of the damned (because i intent to use the Ghoul of St Lazare and then go on with the festival), i would really appreciate. The Ghoul seem a little bit powerfull for really out of the gauntlet magus... Maybe i should make some year pass and then throw them the Ghoul of St Lazare followed by the festival and kick a whole Saga starring the fiends. If you got any suggestions, it's welcome.



FotD is one of my best RPG experience as a GM, and definitely my favorite ArM scenario. At some point of the story, I remember you have the option of including a fight with a demon. My only advice is: don't. It breaks the mood.

I did the Ghoul of Lazare with 5th edition. The progenitor magus was fresh out of the gauntlet - but an experienced player and the character, havng played him through 14 years of his apprenticeship, might have more or more versatile Abilities than one just made. But I was actually surprised by how easy he and his 2-3 grogs disposed of the ghoul itself. We had a climatic scene in the church were he succeeded in botching (foreign Auras can be mean...) and setting him self afire and getting badly burned. Yet the did survive the rush of "undead". The following day the ran away, the remaining peasants relocating to the fief of the covenant. They left the Infernal place unresolved, and the good Father travelled into the world to seek some answers, but even though they didn't heroically cleanse the churhc or village and retreated instead, they did have no problem with the confrontation with the ghoul itself. I didn't think I made him easy either - he just choked and went down very fast. So in retrospect I would not be afraid to buff him up.

[size=75]My screen for that session - I make a specific screen cover for each story
I don't like the screen taking to much space on the table but I really dont feel like doing without it either.
So for the Ars Saga I've changed the cover into thematic inspiration with the story's title and some other player inspirations[/size]

At one point, some imps are send to trouble the construction of the church (they attack the site during the night). I've not decided yet if it's a good thing to get the companions of the magus to battle some imps during the night(to keep them busy). At the end of the scenario, everyone should get very busy with all kinds of demons anyway. I just tought that maybe the "middle section" of the scenario is a kind of let down for the companions(anyway, the magi will and should get busy).