Few Questions

Page 106, column 2
It's an Up Check example:

"You roll a Swerve of -1. That gives you a result of 4, 3 less than you needed. You keel over"

The above is an Up Check with a difficulty of 5, so I'm not sure why it says "3 less than you needed". Reason being, the character has Toughness 7 so with a Swerve of -1 they'd have a final result of 6 (not 4), and so the Up Check succeeds by 1 and doesn't fail by 3. As far as I can tell, Impairment checks (-2 in this example) and Marks of Death (again, 2 in this example) are not applied to Up Checks.

Is the above errata or am I missing something?

Page 108: Other Sources of Injury
"No check applies if you enter the dangerous situation by choice: jumping out of a speeding vehicle"

So does no check applies mean you automatically suffer damage or automatically escape damage? The rule isn't too clear on that.

I think the author may have gotten confused about what the Difficulty was, or perhaps the difficulty was changed later in the editing process? This is most likely a mistake.

It means you automatically take the damage. This would happen when a player describes an action where their PC is intentionally and willingly putting themselves into harm's way, either to protect a companion, or to do something that is undeniably awesome even though they are getting injured in the process.