Fief (Cumberland Games)


"Fief" is an historical and roleplaying reference to mediaeval europe ,
produced by Cumberland Games.
People are probably already aware of it, but I just found it recently.
I've downloaded the free demo version, and it looks good.


For example, someone recently mentioned WRT "Books I'd Like" about Church details.
The freebie version alone , has an entire page of example penances for various sins.

        Chris Gribbon

Welcome to Hell.

Please extinguish cigarettes and abandon all hope.

Cheers Ravenscroft!

Very interesting. I think I will order it. Only if a supplement somewhere described the resources and typical layout of a normal manor..... I have been told that harn manor does that, but I have never seen it in my local RPG store :frowning:


Harn Manor is well worth getting.
You may have to order it direct from Columbia Games though ,
as sales are even lower than those for Ars Magica.
(at least locally)

Ok, thanks for the link. It seems a good resource.