Fiendish Diagram

Hello all

My magus has got in mind to create a rather powerful item and i could do with some help working it out. In particular i need to know the rules as they pertain to ring duration and circle target in magic items.

The item in question is a big slab of stone with a stone ring carved into it. Now the item casts an effect similar to Visions of the Haunting Spirits.

Heres the tricky part. I want any spirit that wanders into the circle to become visible and I want this effect to be permanent.

Does a ring duration allow for this or would it only effect spirits inside the circle at the time of casting?

If this is the case, how could i achieve my stated aim?

i.e. does a ring duration on a magic item (assuming of course there is a suitable ring involved) cast only once, and then effect every thing that remains inside its circle, or does it cast on anything that steps into that circle?

It would only affect spirits inside the circle at the time of casting. The spell itself only goes off once.

Unlimited uses for the main spell and a constant linked trigger that detects when a spirit enters the circle.

Fruny gave a good answer. I myself am willing to also allow the "it affects everything that enters the ring, but ceases affecting them once they leave the ring" interpretation.

I think it could go either way, any that enter are visible while inside, or any that are inside while casting are visible, and could argue either way

I think no matter what, any inside at casting would be visible, after that it depends on what works best for your game.